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Recently Sick with the Stomach Flu …

A little under the weather not to mention tricky discussions about mental health cures to better coping skills you get better at staying well the more you learn about how to respond to symptoms in a way that’s nothing to do with anyone I’m assuming a defensive stance to mental health is a situation about insult or allowing for a theme or reaction to be normalized I think well there’s no reason to say I’m not well or pretending I take selfie’s write so if it’s not clear nothing needs to be tested to understand the path to instability or expect my body to have memorized a system to get back to wellness that’s too much pressure on the mind to live with expectation of know how. Wellness doesn’t mean you know everything you just stay well and sickness can be for any reasons you don’t always know where or why it’s coming from so best to have all your cards out on the table you knowing yourself no matter who’s being critical that’s not the point or excuse for anything to do with anything for anything it’s just not interact with people who think less of you if it’s that way don’t respond and stay well. Competitive energy occurs when it’s a better than who wellness protection of who’s interest issue that’s when people favor others connect or if you get sick then favored the condition of who is well to view you as connected to ignored insulted well or sick to say you are either not well or think anyone’s sick that’s mental health gravitate toward you or another and then either feel good reinforced or connected or disconnect who knows what what’s about just stay well I’m sure it’s not purposeful maybe people have more experience than others with lost connections in life including to me in favor of another’s wellness that’s how fighting affects who’s viewed as beautiful or sweet or who is viewed as threatened by to leave who it’s over looking positive and sweet that’s a looks bad because doesn’t feel good to see if who looks good you think is because connected to who is well and sees you as not well better than you.

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