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Stay Steady …

It’s not inevitable that your crack or break from time to time but it happens to the best of us. I was once told “you only get a certain amount of energy points each day,” in therapy and that statement really stuck out to me. What is burn out? According to one article it’s defined as, “feeling empty and mentally exhausted.” [1] It more commonly describes being overworked but there are so many other areas of life that can produce the same amount of stress that’s most relatable to “burn-out.” Often times when we are working towards accomplishing goals in life we get stressed, and when we get stressed this affects our work productivity, which is why managing your energy is so important to avoid the symptoms of burn-out which can accumulate overtime and leave you feeling empty.

Don’t forget to make time for yourself to practice self-care, grocery shop, and exercise, you’ll end up with more energy getting those things done, and it’s the easy things you can do for yourself to make yourself feel good that lessens that pressure in the week over other things in life.

In avoidance of burn out you might want to practice the following, “Complete a periodic assessment and realignment of goals, skills, and work passions.” [2] It is also recommended by to exercise, diet, practice good sleep habits, and ask for help. [3]

It’s often times when we are tired that we get moody and that’s what I’m talking about, don’t crack under pressure. Whether it’s a deadline, an event your preparing for, a meeting, time management is so important, and the more time you make for yourself to accomplish all your mini goals in life the closer you’ll get to accomplishing bigger goals in life, it starts with how you manage your time.

In fact, “Too much stress can lead us to crack under all the heat and pressure. Being prepared to handle stress and having strategies to manage life when it starts to feel overwhelming is very helpful.” [4] It’s even been said that those with a high working memory are more likely to crack under pressure, [5] so if you’re smart, it’s common, don’t fret, don’t overthink it, stay committed, and practice exercising a balanced take on life. [6] It’s okay to face challenges head on, that’s the not the point of drawing awareness to signs and symptoms, don’t be avoidant, the more practice you get overcoming these hurdles in life the better off you’ll be. So give yourself time to heal, and don’t be afraid to improve, we don’t have to stay stuck where we are to end up where we want to be in life, moving forward through pressure, occurs with better coping skills, and that’s the kind of confidence you’ll take with you wherever you go no matter what you encounter in life able to handle a challenge.








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