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How Ideas Splinter …

Everyone has their own way of looking at things, and that much you have to accept about others. If you are someone online, sharing your ideas, then that is something that you don’t have control over someone hearing from you, having ideas of their own, then either judging you, having faith in you, or seeing the negative. When someone sees the negative, that may not be something that they will tell you, but they may be distant toward you, or waiting for enough confirmations from your or feelings, that things are okay or not bad on your end, if things are bad on your end, that’s how they size you up, as feelings either belonging to you, or created within you, and that’s how an influencer is judged, by the very title of what an influencer is and means, is that it’s a figure online, that either people learn from, or imitate or are influenced by, but that there is a source of information or symbolism, that is being viewed, noted, and that there is either a positive or negative influence upon another that is either noticeable, congruent to the health of the majority in leadership, or congruent to something specific that you are doing or saying that they think is being cited to. Whenever there is a homicide, gun violence, or police death, there will always be divided feelings, among people who are affected and people who are unaffected, just like I may be affected by a loss in my family, or in friendship, and for someone who is not close to me, or who knows me, to not be affected, then there is that heavy feeling, which can occur which is called empathy, when either someone hearing from you, or while standing in your shoes, can feel the weight of things to come, or what you are divested in either in your best interests, or what they think is a “guilty” interest. Just like people can code to what good is going on in the world, there are also times at which what is good may be mistaken as something, by energy, disability, or diagnosis, as not bearing the characteristics or traits of something that is solid, positive, or carrying the weight of something solely within not spread to onlookers, or who is reading along made to feel. That’s apart of life, you either feel whats going on, you anticipate whats to come, you can sense when something is going well or not well, just like finance, your future telling ability, your ability to read now, your ability to read others, and most of all your ability to be observant and be able to tell what is going well, why its going well, who it is going well with, and what it is going well for. I think for a campaign of this magnitude, entertainment, film, music, blogging, there are many ways to mess up the momentum of people who are doing well, if brought under the influence of any decisions or influences, which don’t carry them well into the future, or inhibit their potential, that’s life, either you benefit from knowing others, or you feel weighted by them, and that’s my deficit to overcome with disability. There is a reason for the science behind fairweather friends, pay attention to when you are approachable, pay attention to how others feel around you, and most of all pay attention to what is going on within you and don’t ignore those signs, that’s your instinct, you are only capable of doing what makes you feel good, absent minded hurt, pain, headache, weight gain, or stress, sometimes things are not meant to be and the timing could be off, those are tell tail signs to just focus on yourself, you cant wait for people to love you, to like you, to understand you, or to comprehend your pressures in life, and if it’s a selected pressure by Instagram squares your focus points for the week, then maybe that is too much pressure to help make things go right in those departments, I wouldn’t suggest that everyone blend in and be on the same team in life, if that didn’t mean that others would be made to feel stronger, better, and more rest assured. Its common in my position, to make clear and keep an accurate record of all my thinking, thoughts, and exposures and writings, to be able to see what is coming from me, versus what it is I am or am not influenced by and what or who is affecting either me, or others to commit crimes, not be calculated in that train of thought or be blamed as influencer to things not going right. I think there will always be common themes in life, and having gone to private school, or being distantly related to Eminem via my sister in law, is a privilege, and with that comes affect, being affected by loss, or tragedy, and how close that hits to home, and the most non-understanding people, will be people looking at you from the outside, the details, the broad description, and hit you with assumption, assumption of your identity being known, in the millions, or for your identity being known, not a causal agent of balance, given your disability, and based on their own reaction within toward you, assume or relate those feelings of dislike or frustration to someone who commits crimes. I think its people who want to control you, who want you to feel good by them, will be the first to test for what doesn’t make you feel good, either by rejection, ignoring you, making you not feel good enough, comparing you, calling you names, or not making themselves available to you, its when you have to abide and wait by their terms that you are most likely to go by someone who holds prejudice and judgement, and does not allow you to think freely and speak freely, out of hesitancy on their part or because of sizing you up, whether you speak in alignment, to the energy of someone who is doing well, far removed from areas of concern, or not understanding and distant if affected, as though its coming from you. Sometimes people don’t realize their own humanity until they go through struggle themselves, and in that you are told to forgive, or to let go, to move on, or to not think about, that’s accepting them for their deficit in being patient or understanding of you, in place of your need to show compassion toward them, and that’s a hard coin to flip, you are either at peace with them and yourself, having moved forward in life, and want to welcome them to being apart of your current success, balance, and progress, or you leave them out of that equation in life, its hard to have people in your life, who want to be needed and loved, but then don’t need you or love you, and that’s hard on the heart and on your physically, to let people into your life, being made to focus on them, concerned, and adapt to their feelings in your constant consideration, and if enough people try to control or manipulate you in that way, eventually you don’t even have yourself to go off of, and that can leave you in a state of fear, or instability, which if they cannot fix, remedy, or help, will then treat you as though you are to blame for your own feelings or thinking, or thoughts, which is why its important to focus on yourself when you are not doing well, and when you start to do well, choose wisely who you want to accommodate or be made to think about you, its not necessary to bring more people into the equation, when you are not strong or feeling better, and its easy to not be made to feel good by them the same. 

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