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Defeated by Your Thoughts …

There’s always a way of looking at things, don’t be defeated by your thoughts. When going through a hard time its easy to be discouraged, they also remind us in AA not to be discouraged, the times may be tough, but you can get through this. According to, “The key, though, is how we handle disappointments and deal with being discouraged.” [1] Its also the case that sometimes you are not your thoughts, you’ll be hearing things, or telling yourself something, that may not be your best thinking, so learn to be patient with yourself, and never give up. What are the odds, I hate when they say, oh that’s bad luck, what is bad luck, not being prepared, being shocked, dismayed, set off course? You can plan for some things in life, what you can’t plan for is disappointment, so learn to expect less from others, and always be in control of your emotions, perhaps why most people stop drinking, not being able to control their feelings, and how they micromanage their days and their lives. Now going on two years sober, I started 2017, Im consistent, I never considered myself an alcoholic, only drinking on occasion, but there was that element of my life getting worse not better, so I guess it’s a good thing for me to not drink at all. How you cope with your problems in life matters, and if your turning to substances to correct or sooth you, this can become a problem overtime, and get the types of problems that you’ll wind up hating yourself for it later, like mental health issues, or mood disorders. The good news is that that all can be corrected, it may take time, therapy, treatments, medications, and group therapy, but eventually you get back to being you again, which is where I am presently in life. Moving on to a new chapter in life, working, and possibly get back out there and start dating again. I’ve come a long way, which I don’t think would have been possible had I not blogged and shared my life with others. There’s something refreshing about not taking yourself so seriously, and the more comfortable you are with yourself the better able you are to help others. Its easier for me to go to AA meetings now, I don’t feel like I stand out, or a fly on the wall, I may not be sharing every time, but at least I show up. I’m also able to apply for jobs and get hired, which I struggled with when I was not doing well, being in a good place in life matters, and its that balance that you carry with you into the next chapter in life, capable, not incapable, and able to push yourself, not fail. When you have faith in yourself, the skies the limit, you become more resilient, able to weather the storms in life, and maintain a positive outlook, I’ve always wanted to be one of those people, on all the time, but I guess I’m doing my best at whatever functioning speed I’m at, and I’m proud. 



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