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Sharing Positive Attention …

We all want to be someone that another feels good by. This has especially come to my attention, liking a politician, what will people think of me befriending him, and how will that make him look? This has caused me to be more careful about how I look, not that I didn’t used to care or think about that a lot as a blogger. Sharing attentions, is a complicated process of balancing your interests and the interests of the people around you, to make sure that whats going on for you, doesn’t take away from the ability of those around you to experience all the feel good feelings that life has to offer. Ever notice that when you like someone, you get this sudden burst of energy, that natural hyper. So don’t forget that your energy may not be at the same speed as others, this I forget as a writer, feels good to me, but may be too much to the other person, so try to find that balancing between communicating your needs to get out what you need to say, with respect for the time of the other, in listening to what you have to say. Although there might be a lot going on in your mind, there is a lot going on in everyones mind! Its not just you, so be mindful. Joining forces is not a new concept, in fact its common to most “internal operation efficiencies,” while “addressing critical business issues involving a complex network of strategic relationships.” [1] Although I like to keep most of my connections private, as I get stronger I want to share more and more about how I made my progress and who I felt connecting with over the years, usually to a person or story that I felt that I could relate to, everyones is different, and there will be some people who are easier to talk to than most. I think that people are comfortable hearing from you, however its another thing to share out loud who you are connecting with as though all the people you have chosen are in some group that contacts one another and connected amongst themselves to talk about you, I don’t think it is always that way, its probably on a need basis, what there is to talk about, and whether I play any role in what there is to say about right now. Probably why most people enjoy staying current, I think Ive done a good job not mentioning everyone, and keeping things focused on myself. Beginning to write for a magazine will present new opportunities for me to write about others and I look forward to that. Besides only talking about myself. There are so many inspirational people, who are doing big things in the world and helping others, besides what ideas I have to share on my blog. Being in action is a challenge, so is being social, so don’t forget there is always more to learn, about how to network, socialize, and start conversations about the things that matter to you most, you never know who else may be interested. They say that a “mutual, shared vision is the only way that two individuals can ever benefit each other in business.” [2] According to Larry Morrow in “All Bets On Me: The Risks and Rewards of Becoming an Entrepreneur,” in order to find the “right collaborators, you have to first be stable and sure within yourself,” this I think I have inherently been working on anyways, with mental health issues, just to be social again, and start working! I think that all the therapy has paid off, and blogging, being comfortable with talking about myself and expressing myself in words, I bet that makes it easier for others to get to know me, and hear what I have to say about whats going on (no matter what the issue or topic is), and share what I think would help to influence the way things are going, in a more positive direction. The group goals remain the same, to be entertained, to be able to put things together in a way that makes sense, is fun to compartmentalize, and match up whether by terms, ideas, themes, concepts, through film music and blogs, I think everyone is having more fun nowadays expressing themselves, that’s pop culture and that part about society will never change, what we find funny, nuanced, or relatable, all the coming of age jokes aside, I think we have since been able to grow past what is not funny, and in a more mature fashion embrace what makes us human, that need to connect, grow, be romantic, like, and admire others, without the necessity of entering into our minds, negative assumptions about the quality of that persons life absent our plain view, that to me is trust, where acceptance can unfold, there is more room for comfort in getting to know others, when you don’t limit your understanding and appreciation for others on such linear terms of acceptance for them on the basis of what they look like, smell like, and whether your be interested in them romantically, when the approach is friendship, the feeling is limitless, there is more room for bonding, thinking, and an easier space between people to approach one another, and I think this natural space is a mutual respect for one another that’s possible, behind the reasons for privacy, why that’s so important to your mental health, and you relationships with others. If we cant control what people think, the least we can do is have some control over what we think, absent minded all the reasons for dislike we can think off, who needs that negative energy anyways, it only impairs your ability to feel good, the more you think of reasons to not feel good by people, and Im sure everyone has their reasons. We don’t need to be that close spiritually, but the least we can do for eachother is allow for a natural closeness in recognition for one an other humanity to take its natural place again, in the natural social rhythm of being around one another, not be bothered, to say the least. Perhaps why they encourage non-judgment, people will always hold their opinions over what you have done wrong or not done right in life, mostly based upon your failures in life, don’t let it get to you, the more people try to size you up in life, think, maybe that’s just them sizing up what they would have done differently to not be in the situation that you are currently placed in, and if that makes them seem smarter or bigger than you, than that may be the key to their happiness and success basing how they are on who they are not, and allowing for that separation to occur between them and people who they don’t want to be influenced by or affected by, and allow people to have those barriers in life. Im someone with no barriers, I blog confidently and happily, and I don’t mind who is reading, with strict awareness, of how quickly an influence can take hold over the thoughts of another, doing my best to be encouraging, motivational, and positive, I think that’s the best you can do in situations where people are not feeling well, sick, suicidal, or scared those are like the top 4 feelings in my book, that all science warns you of the risks in collaborating and speaking of, those are the feelings that when joined can lead to disaster, so leave more room to think, more room to connect, and more space for good feelings to happen, by dictating less how things are supposed to be, not tell people how to feel, and allow people to make better choices for themselves moving forward, so that they don’t feel limited. Half of my battles with mental health issues, are feeling stuck, in an unchanged position, that needs change, or in a bad feeling that needs correction, as immature as my CBT #thoughtdiary seemed, I think it worked, because it reminded me that when I am stuck thinking in one direction, that there are three other ways to think about a situation or series of thoughts and to keep thinking until things get positive again. Hope this post finds you well, and youre able to rethink how much energy you dedicate to disliking things, and find more energy for focus on the things that you enjoy thinking and talking about in life. 

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