Just Stay Positive …

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We are always told this especially on days when things finally cool down and people are at ease getting our energy back planning for the road ahead don’t pile on too much of the past that’s baggage you’re better off without store it save it remember it but in order to learn more and expand your horizons you have to learn how to pick up one thing and put down the other to make way for a certain feeling that doesn’t turn you into a sponge of stress it’s like reaching for the moon and being handed a weighted blanket. Rested on your shoulders the heaviness of the past yeah it feels like criticism that’s how it starts you get to better you analyze a prior set of feelings then hard on yourself it happened what can you do now to not allow those feelings to happen again. It was so peaceful today thank you for all of your understanding and compassion sharing a really hard moment in my life I did my best to be detailed and removed/edit all the graphic ness of mental health issues I’m sure not everyone has equivalent drama in their lives but we invite it into our lives sometimes so don’t feel bad to care or be critical of yourself to get things right it starts with being positive and in order to talk about a difficulty it’s okay to generate a simulated experience of total exaggeration but then pause. Step back, look around you, are things actually this way, then recognize you are tripping, you are not enjoying the moment, you are being confusing to others, and your making something important in a peaceful day that’s better spent enjoying life not punishing ourselves for what we could have done better or worse yet believed to have done wrong to lead up to a set of feelings we actually convince ourselves that we didn’t do our best or communicated poorly it happens so not use that fighter reflex when it’s time to be strong you just burn out that energy is best used in focus, contain your strength, channel that energy, and it’s in not letting all those thoughts circulate again, that you actually recognize by feeling things aren’t that way and can breathe a sign of relief you’re here. You’ll be okay, good thing feelings are temporary, and I wish I could work my body better, don’t we all!

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