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When Reality Bites …

As a public figure in a market saturated with inappropriate humor, you can’t help but be cautious when it comes to how you are perceived in your individual reality absent other more notable figures, to an outsider it becomes a game of comparison, the real deal versus the poser and so the insults fly. Either you learn from the downfalls of celebrities or you use those perceptions to cast doubt on others as either living up to expectations in a positive respect or downplay people as trying to be famous for imitating the downfalls of others. First there needs to be recognition of what a downfall is, it’s not for specks and for the look it’s a spiritual failure on the part of who is known and loved a disrespect that occurs which disheartens and brings down someone who usually feels good being themselves and causes them to not feel good, what is the result? As a result of a downfall people don’t date, work, and they can’t get jobs and because they don’t feel good don’t move forward, so if you’re someone successful this is not a good feeling it ends careers and sometimes ends lives, hence the need for privacy. Although society moves forward the scars from those experiences in life stays with the person who experiences a downfall it results in a consistent non respect of a person and entitles people to make fun of a person. Whether or not that person has done wrong it’s important not to assume that someone is less than based on how they are presented by another. It’s common practice in romantic relations or failed one’s for someone to talk $hit about a person they liked and no longer like to a person they currently like to reassure a person that they are more meaningful of a connection than their previous connection was. So to be the previous connection creates risk for some moving forward who can’t afford to be bad mouthed or disrespected because of who they are or what they represent. To me I represent my cares to another I represent someone to attack on the basis of my cares to make me seem like I don’t care if I don’t deserve to represent my cares. Had I not been successful as blogger I would not have promoted my cares. Because I was successful as a blogger I promoted my cares as reminder to others of a good reason to speak and what to keep in mind sensitivity wise in terms of who is affected. My plan in life is not to seem stupid or misrepresent the story I come from “The OJ Simpson story” I grew up at his house. So I don’t take insult to terminology whether or not it’s being coded to me for insult or to portray me as insensitive to the plight of other more famous socialites who are women the young hip ones who set trends, popular. Their suffering is not my humor, we all have sex, and we all have to take pictures to have sex, and we all have to look sexy to have sex, just because you take pictures or are trying to be sexy doesn’t mean that you are trying to be who is sexy and successful that would mean I don’t admire, appreciate, and respect them but to make fun of me to say I’m trying to be like them is embarrassing to me and is disrespectful to others who don’t need to see someone be trashed as misrepresented as someone who thinks they are then idolized or identified as sexy.

What are some general rules when it comes to interpreting film, who in reality is being roasted, and who represents the inner core of what’s being portrayed for everyone to follow in an effort not to mislead others into feeling like a loser, probably ideas and the spirit of people who make money unaffected by what others think.

There will always be business moves, mostly occurring on the basis of how a person feels, for some businesses it will be important to know and comprehend how others will feel whether or not they completely understand why a decision is made or on what basis. There is a lot of focus on top stories for comprehension these days and it does assist with humor for some for others it seems small minded if you talk about others for humor which may come across as left field.

The mystery behind business film and music is at the heart what makes sense sometimes there are arbitrary factors that feel good to creators that go into making something a reminder positive the positive is what helps the rest of the elements make sense. It’s what’s in the negative to be interpreted that the piece can become disorganized or lost (almost like following a bad joke to an uncomfortable space). Without something solid the meaning gets lost (so know what you’re talking about when you say it and don’t assume the other knows, what’s more important is that you don’t mean harm in saying it, for the same reasons it’s annoying when others try to F with you’re head you’re head will literally hurt if the intention is inappropriate) or like your eyes don’t grip the concepts and feel a settled feeling back in you even without being told how it was made that way, that’s the goal to feel good and a creator feels good when the audience feels good and vice versa. – And for some people on the inside they see story mini in a big production which either makes them laugh or think weird coded in that way. And that’s okay, the core of most adult jokes not all are sex related. It’s okay for things to go over your head, assume you don’t know everything. The deeper meaning should still be relate-able, meaning possible in a positive way or reflective of reality in a way that heals makes things better.

There are many ways in which an identity is used to influence to create feeling in others. Although I’m not new I’m on IMDb people are still getting to know me and I’m still new to some. So in marketing myself it is required for me to mention repeated elements of my story and identifying factors for anyone new to understand or comprehend why I am this way or to have compassion for what I’ve been through and also comprehend why I get hurt it’s that entitlement people feel thinking less of you knowing you and not wanting others to think you are special so they make you look stupid. For whatever respect system is in place, it makes no sense to me a person who doesn’t talk to a lot of people doesn’t approach others would be met with aggression. When you come from an important story that makes you fragile, it makes your privacy important, and you feel hurt when people are mean to you. It’s important to speak nice to people this is why you never know what a person has gone through and you might not know how much pain they have gone through understand that when you are strong toward people it’s hurtful and someone who has been hurt does not deserve to be hurt and someone from a special story does not deserve to be treated as ordinary or replaceable or unimportant. It’s very time consuming to come forward and introduce yourself to the world and it’s very painful to open up and let everyone get to know you. Even criticism is painful you know there are no directions on how a special person is supposed to be known just assume that I’m legit. I wouldn’t lie or make up a life story I didn’t live so it’s not fair to be treated as someone who’s not lived life.

Coming from a serious story it’s not advantageous for me to devalue myself. Why should I? I comprehend that how I feel the reader feels, so it’s important I stay confident when things are scary, that I stay strong when there is sickness, and that I be honest when there is doubt. I don’t know everything but I know how scary fragile it was when I was trying to help everyone and didn’t have a blog with likes and views to share from, it’s a lot of work. Took 10 years to think up things to talk about establish a rhythm to my writing and be comfortable sharing online.

I understand that if anyone were me it would be intense and painful too so the point if speaking is not to say I should’ve known that coming from a big story and sharing would subject me to criticism or insult, I didn’t expect that much I just know I was scared and intimidated to begin with writing online, why I always gave it my best trying to write original compositions sharing my thoughts and ideas. Especially now, there are many like myself who might be similarly situated to feel nervous or pressure by conditions of crime occurring, to not blog, I blog anyways. Especially now it’s become important to write and assert what you stand for to not allow for mistreatment of others who you either identify with or don’t, I think prevention is about respect and immunity and so long as you are not bothered or provoked by others that’s one way to stop a fight from occurring which can inspire other fights to occur and that’s not my goal, a movement is not a fight, it’s the road back to normal at this point in time when you can feel unaffected again, not to create causes or to not speak to what needs to be said to prevent miscommunication or tolerance for downplaying key figures. Certainly if you look bad that’s one way to blame you should things not go right why people get hurt to be framed for causes and blamed from causes as though dysfunction comes from their failure to perform to a reputable list of characteristics or standards expected of leadership then claim a mismanagement of you results in a mismanagement of people or ideas about you which reflects that you mattered and blame you because you don’t matter that attitude toward you changed make you responsible for. I don’t have to admit to how I’ve been hurt that I’ve done another wrong and I don’t have to admit that when another has thought I did them wrong that others turning on me makes me responsible for what happens when the result is not positive. Like anyone, whatever happens in life, you are responsible for yourself as an adult you’re not responsible for others, and if you in support of prevention you don’t want to be apart of causes, and that includes not be blamed as a positive influence in the life of another to be known misuse that technology of understanding and comprehension to break down misrepresentations as capable of influencing in the same simple way. As far as I’m concerned influence comes from within what you know understand and comprehend and influence works like a mirror what you match up on you that makes sense to you in your mind and feels good on you to your comprehension and to me that’s influence a reassurance that you’re on track in terms of your thoughts. And that it’s okay to think what you are thinking or seeing, and sometimes you have to question that.

So in order for the artistic merit to not be a cause it cannot specifically contain elements to communicate to inside a criminal or has awareness for humanity human characteristics relateable not to get you to think like feel like a criminal which would be angry upset competitive vindictive accusatory paranoid judgmental … it will put you at ease and feel smart apart of is good artistic merit. That’s my opinion. It doesn’t change you in a negative way to believe that things are not good and because things are not good entitles you to put down just injure or harm who you think you are not good by or changed by or hurt people are good or bad on the basis for how they have changed based on who they know or who they have been exposed to. You can’t dominate an understanding by what or who you become better by designate and element yo that understanding as not having benefited you in your comprehension of matters assume that reality assumes it has that technology or intelligence of understanding without you existing I don’t think so. I think a better understanding occurs when you meet people in life and that benefit in not being hurt is sometimes you get smarter or feel bigger better than that strength you get awareness is meeting someone who you see better than and that competitiveness is you wanting to learn more to see more to feel more reassured that others continue to comprehend well without influence from bad things in life, including bad people. You don’t need to intimidate someone you feel better than and you don’t need to put down who you think you’re smarter than. Maybe you just don’t need to know me in order to be you and had you not known me you wouldn’t be addicted to making fun of me as though each element to that endeavor is not satisfied in the event that I am well no one is proving you wrong everyone’s entitled to feel better than whoever just don’t hurt me to achieve a means to an ends for satisfactory self betterment as reassurance that your job is done: people died! (That’s me saying discomfort causes death so don’t make me uncomfortable don’t make me perform sex acts to make others uncomfortable to see me in private and don’t use me to cause discomfort or distrust as though things don’t go right when I’m on point and doing well like anyone people feel good by you when you’re doing well, that is my human right! I worked hard for it!) Your job might be done but mine is not! Mine continues with or without you understanding comprehension or support and whether I look bad, naked, or stupid, I will continue to do whatever it takes to not let people fall stupid to bad sex jokes and thinks they’re better than others for suffering less in life.

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