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Based on what is going on, and based on what you have to say, it can either help or build a resentment toward you, whether you feel the same way, different, fine, or not well, compared to who is on the other end of that feeling interpreting you, on the same side, or on a different side of feelings as compared to you, and it could just be that misunderstanding of where you are mentally, that either persuades someone to believe that there is something off or wrong about you, not in tune with the rest of the world, or the current temperment around them. We all have lives, and based on the weather, mental health issues, social status, job status, and health, you may feel good or bad by people depending on how they are mentally and physically, and that’s another reason for resentment, jealousy, or infliction of emotional distress, for some, it will not be until a person is worse off, or feels emotionally distressed that they feel empowered, by their own state of normalcy, there need not be any exchange physical or mental, or reaction period, in order to recognize ones own mortality, and reasoning. There is power in numbers, and it will be by who you feel well among, that it will be determined, whether you feel bad by others, or if you are a person to overcompensate when others are not feeling well to make things better, there are still such good natured people among us. Imitation is compliment in this Country, so for people trying to be somebody, when people are like them, or if they get imitated, that is a compliment to their own identifying factors in life that resonate with others well. The point is to be yourself. I was shopping at Forever 21 today, and realized, that not everyone will be drawn to the same outfits in the store, and some outfits will stand out more to others than others well, and like shopping, you get to pick your own style, and based on the style you represent, that is how others will see you. Common themes to go by, are things that make sense to you, or make you feel good. Whether everyone in the room understands you, or only a few people get your gist. An outing of circumstances represents how people feel about what is going well for them in life, so to be outlined as someone who does not bear the characteristics of someone who is doing well and able to be happy for others, doesn’t make sense to me at all. Voices occurred for me 2017, it happens when you leave a group of people you have been around or situated among, and then you hear them on the outside of whatever present world you have been placed in, for example 2013 I was hospitalized and thought I heard opera music coming from outside the hospital, and that was my first auditory delusion in treatment, then again after leaving an AA meeting after being hospitalized, on Provigil, for not sleeping at night or staying up late running at night. Isolation is never good for your health, because in being separate from people, to me this is how delusion occurs, there are normal conversations, things you write about, how people feel, and what is common to the language of people and etiquette, such as the timing and circumstances of what you are going through in life, up or in a down, and how you are treated, bothered or left alone. Its when you are doing well, people bother you, trying to be around you, and when you are not doing well, that you get ignored, or few people reach out to you carefully. I don’t get voices from the men I have hooked up with, all except for one, someone who was younger than me, which probably means that it later became something I grew paranoid about, when I was supposed to be dating someone in Tech who was texting me, who I was advised not to date a booty call. Self-harm results when you with disability, get treated like you subjected someone else to harm or disillusionment, even if youre not readily in a state of control or leadership concerning the temperament of others, or what happened, or how things happen, that is how you get treated as an “outsider” to the circumstances of others, if you are not viewed to be equally situated or paranoid about life and how things happen, or what things are about. I think for a short while I was admired as an up and coming “blogger” online, and was equally excited about my stats and analytics, and felt as though I worked hard for that attention and readership, and thought that it would be worth writing a self-help book one day. Self-help is about being able to help yourself, and it also means that in being able to help yourself youre able to help others. So writing a book makes sense to me, Ive read many of the popular self-help books, and I sound no different, all I need to work on now, are my credentials, certificates, do the work write research papers, try to work one on one with people either through AA or on my own as a life coach and go to a school or get some one-on-one training to be a counselor online (I was registered in a course paid, I discontinued).

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