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I know it’s not a comfortable subject prevention and issues following an incident but I think it’s in reviewing our progress that things get better in terms of what thoughts we allow to supersede our best judgments in life not to allow the thinkings of others to persuade or condemn one another as being responsible for the thoughts of the other. We are each separately responsible for taking good care of ourselves and those around us. There are limits to what is expected if you in life who you’re responsible for or made to care for we are not each responsible for one another’s lives only our own and those directly affected by us. If you hold yourself responsible for more than you’ve committed to tending to then that’s an overwhelming feeling of heaviness that’s a good sign that it’s “not your responsibility.” On the other hand if it feels like your responsibility to get involved you may feel a heavy pressure which you decide to speak to and alleviate that doesn’t mean that you’ll always get things right with others it’s just one step in terms of prevention and war over the issues toward you that had you not said anything would be assumed unaffected if haven’t thought about things in that way. Simply talking shows that your aware and awareness is the first step in bringing attention to things and causes that matter to us to allow those that do care to get involved like entertainment or lawyers or judges or law enforcement our referees in life who help us to set boundaries with one another and that includes unreasonable expectations of one another, this is what professionals are for. Professionals allow for the layman to not be held responsible for things outside of their scope of expertise and this allows those who focus on the issues and aware of the issues to do their best to coordinate care and respond to the issues presented whatever they may be. I think blogging is responding to spaces in time for the attentions of others and you get to choose how you fill the space of your attention whether for good or for bad. I think what is highlighted in your memory is connected to your exposures in life education and reading that is what will light up to you moving forward or you can consider and review what you have witnessed or seen absent minded your own direct knowledge and think from the standpoint of someone who knows less. It’s common for if one speaks as though they are assuming one knows less for someone who knows more to feel insulted by someone who they don’t think knows more than they do about life. So this is the age gap consideration as you get older you become more open to the variations of the opinions of others when you are younger you tend to understand less and prescribe fixed judgments to get through the tough stuff. We are not expected to sit with emotions and read another or absorb the stresses and strains of one another we each come from a different place in life and life will not feel the same for most of us coming from different exposures and experiences in life. The goal is to be proud of yourself and when you are free of moral obligations to explain things as you see or you free up time and the mental stamina to conquer other tasks in life without having to sit and explain things to people who simply deny or don’t admit to what could be bothering you, 9 times out of 10, they enjoy hearing from you, but don’t admit to needing to heat from you. In keeping things relevant it’s time to switch gears and to allow for the positives to take hold that’s the only way to move forward freely if you are constantly compressing what you know to a series of facts of ideas that are not making you feel good then replace those thoughts with better base point thoughts don’t start from the negative to arrive to a better place of thinking. Later on things will level but in the immediate I’m sure there is always question and that’s a normal fact of life. To think about things, to think about people, and to hold feelings of your own. Just don’t allow a build of negativity to cause you to make progressions in the wrong direction in life with people or yourself, counting yourself out to better ways of thinking.

Hope you all are recovering and off to a better start this week. And hope that those negative feelings and questions or irritations in life eventually leave you and allow you to feel wholly good and better as a result of taking the time to read my blog posts let someone thoughts go.

Thank you for reading.

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