Why I Visited the OCDA Office … today 06/23/22

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“Someone pretended to be him. Checked in also stated concerns regarding my identity and recent gun violence make sure my identity is not being used to coordinate or influence beliefs on how things happen or why suggest overtly that it’s my fault or that my identity is known in a way not accepted everyone knows me by now it’s been 10 years writing. Nothing new only improvements. It’s common for famous people to be insulted I can see if someone who is trying to be famous who does not deserve to be famous or upon being known is not impressive that makes that person a bag or a weight that brings down everyone who is apart of not ready yet to enjoin someone not famous to the system of feeling good that makes us all feel good performed to. If you’re not ready yet and not mature enough you might give up too soon not break when needed if get upset when youre needed to perform be strong professional and carry the weight forward of what is heavy so it’s not left with similarly infamous people who like famous people could be insulted by what energy is expended to care when it’s not worth the energy to care.”

Reference: Instagram caption 06/23/22

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