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I just recognized what it is that’s discomforting, so although I may be presently going through something difficult and feel obligated to disclose that’s a piece of information that heightens tension meaning to not be confident in me makes other people feel bad or sad and that’s not purposeful of me to make others feel bad or sad in the event that I’m not feeling well.

To me mental health issues are not for argument everyone can have their own opinion on what a mental health issue is and what it looks like and hopefully I don’t have to be made an example or spectacle of the issues maybe seen by others and not yet experienced by me thought wise. I agree that hearing stuff and seeing stuff about a person that is painful to me can be painful to witness also that someone is being treated as stupid and know that that is not always the fault of people so remember to take a step back and be patient.

Mental health is not making a mistake or making the same mistakes over again there is nothing about a repeated experience of a diagnosis that communicates anything negative about the character of a person who is not experiencing symptoms purposefully or by their own token (mistaken) or misgiving thought wise. A person who has mental health issues is constantly taking it slow in life is on medications made to think about things not be impulsive so there’s no immediate gratification for someone with mental health issues who is suffering the difficulty may be constant but the dilemmas faced and challenges mentally may get easier the less consumed you are by the negatives. So in order to create a positive outlook it’s also important not to partake in those deductions that cause you disbelief is a precursor to animosity and anger when it comes to interpreting who is suffering or well it’s not by look pressure held within and it’s upon being around others your face lights up. #simple.

The only thing hard to digest about me is that I’m unlucky in love and friendships as of recently have struggled and it’s not something that I’m proud of. I’m never feeling good enough to try and never feeling confident enough to stay and keep trying which explains why I’m alone. Know that another’s timing in life may not be your best timing, and we are not all free to roam and have fun some of us have responsibilities in life that we don’t have the time to entertain the advances of others without looking bad so that’s why I’m alone because it’s not me that will make you look bad it’s because I look bad is why I hurt and that’s what hurts and doesn’t feel good looking at me that you think if you feel good can cheer up fix or correct you can’t it’s mental health issues I need medication NOT people, so that’s the misunderstanding with blogging that you can be healed by people, not true, the healing starts with you, and the better equipped you are to dealing with your problems in life the easier it will be to blend in.

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