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One General Deduction in Life …

Everything either flips when you do, out of control (booted in or booted out from acknowledgement and consideration, that’s your choice to have everyone support you or turn on you by discomforts), Or everything’s well balanced settling (if you mention concerns & write without inducing trauma and reduce conflict by acknowledgement of an unstated grievance concerning the way support is shown and from who and when directed to all). -Sometimes this matters when incorporating others into your life who may not be sure whether you’re apart of in comfort or need to be directed as though you are not with the majority and seemingly new to noticing how others function as a whole with or without you present in their minds, around, or popular.

I believe in the strength of numbers like all things popular to whom a voice is given or megaphone it’s always possible to undo a harm sounded versus allow a harm or harmful thinking to be inherited through unstated acceptances it’s always okay to not accept communications as apart of your own thinking and each individual is entitled to the privacy of that space for interpretation to their own protections in life not the responsibility of all to protect the images of a few who can or can hire others to speak for them.

The gift of being good is the gift that will not stop giving, to be in the spirit of good luck, much like gambling things seem to work out when you are aligned to interests specific to your needs and diagnosis comply with but we are not required to comply by all rules in life especially none for thinking by offenders to the best interests of all who seek to empower themselves by being heard at the expense of allowing others to think freely if them. If thinking of someone hurts that’s the opposite of unifying interests or creating any team spirit in solidarity to an interest or a right to be innocent and free of harm through unwanted participations in life even if it’s just in thinking about life.

Stopping yourself from being mistaken as out of control prevents you from being treated as a source of disconnect or negative influence to elicit for relation “relativity” to the issues sounding and by whom and for what purpose to our minds? Sometimes it’s a choice or not your fault.

Helping is hard after any trauma. Silence is powerful best used when to heal a grievance but not conducive to preventing a further harm, if we cannot create stopping points by setting boundaries then it’s not worth the risk of witnessing a decline in health by assumptions, aggravations, or wasted energy trying to control anger upset and entitlements to information not existing but needed to quell a hurtful silence.

A silence isn’t filled it’s made, and not by being silent. Much like being hurt makes it hard to speak or express yourself, clarity comes from achieving a peace from within and quiet is the result of making sense of unclear moments in time or unclear feelings and causes.

You always have the power to control the direction of your thoughts and what you wish to incorporate to making sense of what issues you’ve identified to be potential causes for gun violence, anger, upset, dislike, etc. these are conversations had without someone trying to identify who is at fault for upsetting someone who commits gun violence. Sometimes it’s not the fault of everyone for making a person feel that way who does something as barbaric, criminal, life threatening, and homicidal toward others. Only an angry person can understand an angry person, better to understand how angry people affect you and disturb your own peace. Protection is prevention first, trying to prevent by understanding and negotiating with others is a trained specialty by Government Officials not the layman to put in stone. That’s too much pressure to put on society to be held responsible for controlling the angers of people especially those who shoot people is not society’s fault they are that way, it’s for the Court’s to decide. Have compassion for yourself, not those who harm others and take lives. That comes first.

Either to help or be blamed as incorporated to conversations that follow that’s a choice. Why most say nothing to not enter the mind. Or not admit to any passing thoughts that hurt more as permanent, thought less hurtful going away overtime. Sometimes this is when speaking helps.

To start a conversation allows for improvement. The issue debilitating can’t be solved by assumption although some prefer to blame. It’s always be observations and stigmas it seems simple to stigmatize to blame.

So that’s the higher order to sound above an issue while micro aggressions dissipate. That’s the benefit of talking … limits micro aggressions. Micro aggressions are created when what’s not said or assumed to hurt purposefully is mistaken as permission to attack even in solution things can become unraveled altered but the core state must be good of its motives that’s how some continue without aggravation or motivation declines there are no wins in the creative spirit of problem solving analysis and interpretation only better ways to see and think.

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