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Feeling Good …

Feeling good and being apart of is a part of life, whether you understand the meaning behind your feelings or experiences be able to go about life as you are, without feeling threatened by others. A lot of life is about confidences, like going to a Laker Game, or being out in public, its not a pecking order when it comes to be around people, its about your level of comfort with yourself and how you feel around others, or for what reasons are you made to not feel good around people, or by specific people, figure that much out in life, some are superstituious, some are afraid to live life and have experiences in life, some are well and privileged and have the resources to experience in life and some of us work towards having a life one day. Just because you don’t have a life or your life changes does not mean that you lost a previous life yet, due to something being in error on your part, you wont know for what reasons you are made to isolate and focus on yourself, and be affected when it becomes difficult to talk again with others, all that time that has passed, you never think its personal, if you are someone who is focused on your own health and doing well and figure out whats wrong with you and how to make things happen for you in life. When it comes to feeling good, its important to recognize whats your place, and whats appropriate, you cant change for every person that you meet, you have one life and one body and one set of feelings and memory, so make sure that you live life wisely and hope for the best in others when it comes to their level of comfort in their own lives by what they have feel good about themselves. I discussed love on my twitter, it looks funny, and you don’t get why people look happy, but that is them with another, that’s not to better how one looks normally to others, but the attitude is always based on the same metric, how you feel and how others react to you and what you say and do and how you live your life, its hard to live a life that you cant talk about or when you talk about your life no one believes you or does not think that you have faced challenges, this normally occurs when you are doing well you will be ignored more and pushed harder, and the opposite will occur when you don’t feel well, you will not be able to push yourself, others will do their best to let you work by your own pace be around and talk to them when you need it, but its always okay to be honest, not feeling good is a limitation in life, not necessarily a sexuality secret situation of touching yourself and being easily stimulated or affected by others in terms of how your body responds to others easily turned on or changed, you wont notice stuff like that until you learn more about life, what it means to feel bad when someone likes you and you don’t like them, what it means to have friends, what it means to talk to others, what it means to think about what you look like, and what it means to not worry about those things in life, you shouldn’t until something happens that you cant fix about how you look, it will then matter how you look when it comes to how happy you are, are you functioning look well or feel sad, and how much of that has to do with what people think, no one will feel bad about thinking of you or worry for you, when things are not good it will be hard for others to talk to you, and similarly you will be so busy not feeling good that it will be hard to reach out and talk to others, that’s not a not feeling good issue related to how people make you feel, it’s a feel good issue with regard to what will make you happy in the long run. You will not know what secrets are presumed ongoing until you become paranoid about how you live your life, or why you are well questioned, or what makes you strong or confident, believed to be about sex, that’s your secret to your own wellness not just an insult, self-care routines, opinions, content shared, neatness, effort, energy, all of that is capable of changing for you in life, if you don’t worry too much about prior incidences when things were awkward or not comfortable or scared you will not always be ready to be professional with others not especially when you are needy it will be hard to get help from others and check in, who has an easy time figuring out why they don’t feel well if it needs meds. 

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