When Respect Returns …

One day everything will settle, things will be good enough, and everyone will have had the opportunity to go backwards in life as many times as needed until they assemble the perfect solution to their discord there are always things to blame in life for your feelings, unfortunately the past had no better path in life to be avoided.

There’s nothing cold about right now, it should only remind you that if you are not clear on what issues you represent it is possible to be mistaken as someone who is inadequately prepared to talk about life, their own life, or the lives of others as affected, this is not one persons job not when there is hate, adversity, condemnation, and standards that are set so high none achieve until one is broken. That shows hurt and hurt comes in many forms usually not from people we expect to recognize our wellness.

Depending on how long it has taken you to build rapport most don’t adjust back to life and continue performing some do become a burger Scottish joke so I do feel lucky that I defied the laws of gravity and still alive and not in jail over a promise or expectation or insufficient performance.

Just because things get dark doesn’t mean that one is not capable of changing their course again in life, you learn this on your own how to feel good doing what you’re doing in life and how to undo harm and set boundaries.

If nothing is said the worst can be filled in it’s place that’s where the heart goes to defend itself and identify those not yet arrived or tweak situations to better one another eventually those in leadership positions lose all power and influence and that’s just a fact of life.

Either be empowered to change for the better, or waste time running in circles over what the issue is either represented by you or another as truth.

The best defense is to put down what you think in writing. The worst defense is recalling every embarrassing or odd moment in life it will surely be you that takes the cake on criticism if you have yet to recognize how hard life is to accept those who maybe struggle with comfort you’ll never know an ill fated destination in life until you are put in situations of extreme lengths you can’t get yourself out of in life. That’s being held down in life to “embarrassment” nothing will make sense in the mind of someone angry or upset until the worst is proven and whether that upsets me or frustrated me that doesn’t mean that I have to give up or take fault for momentum and privilege lost.

Respect is not given to you you either have things worth a read or it’s too pressurized to share that either let’s you know you’re qualified to speak, and if incompetent above your intellect or issues beyond your specialty or experience, will show.

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