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Composite Sketches & Beauty …

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Overtime everything improves, and with experience noticeable differences occur in outward appearances, it usually just so happens that as you mature, you get your look down. What was once your best if improvement keeps occurring looks half as good as you appear now. When you get your look down you should be proud of yourself, its harder these days, with more variations and options with makeup, its up to you to decide and make decisions for which products to use, there are many at our disposable, not all the same products work for everyone. If we could all dump our bags out for magazines if were famous, we would all be using the same products? Why do variations exist, and what is competition? Usually anything unique, depreciates as copied, and anything that looks like, depreciates in value, as compared to, not as good as, not as pretty as, not the same as, not as smart as, not as gifted as, not as talented as, not as beautiful as. What is beautiful? Beauty comes from within they always tell us that, no matter how many composite sketches you put over someones face to make them look like they are something they are not, eventually their true beauty will shine, give people time to heal, not everyone is adept at knowing how to alter, fix, modify, or improve their current condition, and signs are obvious on the outside when someone is not well, you can’t judge a book by its cover or someones face, as a precursor to their condition, wellness, or fitness of character, based upon what you hear see them as. On Facebook I made a short video while running “who do I look like now” that was in jest to my friends, do we look like our audience or do we look like those we are looking at, and what helps us maintain our uniqueness, is it by looking at ourselves, or by looking at others we change. Usually it is someone we look up to or admire we try to be more like, or improve to benefit them, match up to them, or be as good as, when will one start accepting themselves as they are, are we as women predisposed to changing ourselves not as a matter of competition but as wellness, lifes not all about being picked.


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