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Two steps up two steps down thats just how life goes sometimes when something goes wrong and you are to blame, thats what is thought of you, as though you become what is said to you when taunted a weak minded person. And when you fall apart the only person you are letting win is whomever seeks to take away your happiness and positive spirit thats them thinking they know your story from what they’ve heard hurt you. Devalue you and not give you an opportunity to live a normal life absent minded their threats and criticism asking for intimacy and then making fun of you like you’re a grose person who smells them don’t ask for naked photos of me and then embarrass me in public demand over and over again for photos simply to trash me with. That’s not helping, don’t pretend to love me and expect me to respond to every demand as though you’re entitled to love from me or photos from me because that gives you more power and control over me to have ammunition to hurt me with gives you comfort in being attached to me feeling good looking at me, then making me feel bad so that you do not credit me as a source of wellness and then pretend to be the source of wellness to me as though I was not well before we met I was doing great almost finished with my dissertation.

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