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Be someone in life, and that starts with making other people feel good, even if you don’t. That’s being an adult, not taking your frustrations in life, out on yourself, or with distaste for anyone, if it’s a matter of you being happy, then start there and worry less about the unhappiness of others. How things appear will always be how you are judged at the get go, so don’t be intimidated by the process of proving your value and self-worth its never too late, and nothing that anyone should ever be made to feel ashamed about including yourself. If you are someone like me, you talk to everyone in the same way, you treat all people the same, never edgy, or defiant, its in defiance, that you seem off, or brought to a hault, as though there is anything you are doing to prove anyone wrong, it becomes when you don’t feel good, that you have to again, prove that you don’t deserve to not feel good and have done nothing wrong, even if there are photos, and words, and proof to demonstrate that you were once not well, or for what reasons, that will always be considered a negotiable instrument in life, the past, if you use the past then its your own fault, for things not being made to feel good, its upon mention that everything feels like its being matched to what you have said, including all the moments you didn’t feel well, that’s not PTSD, that’s you not feeling good about yourself, or something you have said, so its always a good idea to take responsibility for what sets others off in life, even if it seems important to mention, its by what stands out to you that you are judged, made to seem okay with, and that’s how you get made to feel intimidated by anyones responses in life, and that feeling of feeling bad, isn’t someone trying to tell you how it is, its you not defending an expression, so put no one on blast for what they have said in life, would be the better response, to ignore, not allow for something said in the wrong to be thought about more, by anyone, that’s ignoring insult, or hate for that matter, not be affected and not affect anyone, in addition to whatever else strikes a chord with you in the wrong way. There will be times when you will be extra sensitive to everything, its when you hear something that doesn’t feel good, is when prejudice is at bay, that’s not feeling good by something or someone or a song or a film, that’s you having a personal issue with something as it relates to your comprehension, be more forgiving less judgmental, if everyone is doing okay now. A lot of things past seem stupid, that’s not stupidity that could just be the difference between innocence, ability, and acceptance, which is why we probably have more rules now, for what is said, or expressed or tolerated for that matter, so respect when anything bothers someone, and take it with a grain of salt. Learn from the mistake in mentioning something that may seem like its not an issue to you, be brought to light, if its not you that has a problem with them, it will be them having a problem with you, if you do not view all expressions as a natural response to the general times. Trying to be respectful in an approved way. What is it that causes one to give up? I think it means being fed up, so if youre alone and don’t have the option to be fed up with anyone, then you don’t get to be that person in life. There was a short moment in time when all the women felt magically well and empowered (that enchanted moment when they are at peace, then they get strong again, so thats women accustomed to being made to question themselves in life, going by their instincts, without concern for whatever it is that is going wrong with you, that becomes your job to make them proud of you again, its not a club that you can get in more easily being yourself or any better version of yourself its called being personable thats not confidence, thats not being one to not appreciate what they have been through in life to get to where they are now, which if you dont respect that much in a woman, that will then become something you learn on your own). Its hard to support a woman who does not take good care of themselves (ie weight gain, beauty loss, which is a good sign to take a break from hooking up, fix your face, not worry too much about how that happened to you, why I used to run everyday, my face sharpened up proportioned again). So who is it that gets disrespected, its not recognizing how good you have it, thats letting anyone into your world, which if things do change, will be your own fault, for falling off center, be good. It could be by mistake or by photo on my bookcase, everyone may feel good by you, and thats their loss, if you dont stay well, just dont beat yourself up over it, be careful how you describe your life, always be thoughtful, and dont shop too much, it doesnt demonstrate all the years you survived without a credit card, without a boyfriend, without a gym membership, thats not wasting money for any reasons image wise. Trust the timing of your life, instead of making up excuses for anyone else in life, if you dont mention it, it wont be a problem, if you mention it, it seems like you dont care which causes people to not care about you, so stay well, talk less about your past, theres no reason to later become hurt or insulted if its something that you already overcame by graduating from law school, everyone proud even if youre too late, by what has been shared online, never regret being yourself, always regret the times you allowed for anyone to make you feel bad about yourself, you dont have to try that hard to be loved, just stay well.-Im sorry if I ruined that for anyone, hopes come and go, so do smarts, its like man inhibits that quality about you, that everyone notices, that you don’t, and you adjust naturally, to a way that exactly fits the palm of their hand, so how many times does that work out for you, enough times to realize that a man will not do that for you, not unless they realize you were trying that hard. 

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