It’s a Rocky Start …

Whatever you do don’t misrepresent the truth. Moving forward you will recall many that you have admired or who you’ve ever had a thing with. Learn from that, while they may not have been the right choice, it always feels good knowing of people we couldn’t been compatible with had we stayed strong and able to work for or be around those who we admire in life. It happens that way you become infatuated with the idea of being with someone in life but you’re not yet able to be around someone of that stature. This I’m realizing early on in my career on my way into the workforce again after having taken a break. You have to be a strong person to work and to not take anything too personally. I wish romance were easy but as it turns out unless you have something going for you in life it can make it hard to think about you and support you through all moments of instability while finding a job, you would think that blogging is the job as it turns out it’s not. I’m trying to comprehend the fact that writing is not the job not even by book so while that may have been a great personal accomplishment I’ll have to figure out something else to do with my life to make good use of my time and that starts with sorting out remaining mental health issues which have kept me from dating in the first place. Just know that when you are reading everything will come together blog job interview relationships and that’s where I am right now. New doctors, new boyfriend, and new job opportunities applying and actually getting replies! Excited for what this next chapter in life will bring me.

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