The Past is Always Right …

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The goal is to improve in life and to leave things alone, so while I may not be a good example of someone with things happening for them in life, that doesn’t mean also that anyone is wrong, people react in the moment, so let’s not make this a too late situation, its always okay to get someone wrong, nothing is too shocking to know about a person, without a social life, and no friends, that cannot be repaired by simply living life, there are worse insults in life, to cause you to remember, or to pay attention to social cues and influences in life, be bothered, you cannot all of a sudden be bothered, by someone keeping up with a theme, so don’t allow it to get to you, forgiveness happens, when you allow for who accepted you, to sound like they ever betrayed or or did not believe in you, so you well is the lens that they want you to see through and not wait until its too late, this is why not anyone can be you in life, to help you to see, that’s not love, mostly if its come time to insult, it will be you needing to see like anyone not close to you not sure of you, and I don’t think online that its easy to undo, a lost fan or interest, if you don’t meet expectation, well that’s not your responsibility to explain and defend anyone who you were not in an acceptable condition, so that’s the side taken, who is not intending for it to appear that way, and a situation of protection, whether by memory. You are expected to respond or perform to a same or similar success, I think we are all meant to do well in life. I think not doing well is not always an analogy nor is writing from #laxcourthouse on Day 26. Light on at 12:35am, texted #DASpitzer, the lights not on, so what is the early on enthusiasm its once you are acknowledged, you have to leave the definition of fulfillment by addiction, or empty nest aphorism, to explain a later unwell state, that’s when you cannot use the past and you have to leave things as they are, this is what psychiatry is for, while most medical professionals watch care, and nurture your development back to wellness, that is not a girlfriends job, to understand what is wrong, to identify what is wrong, or to take the blame in the event that anyone received any unwanted attention, I think if you have given up once, that will always be your bigges regret, that it was okay for everyone else to see the big picture but in the event that you do, that’s not a space respected for questioning, so what is defense. If you don’t understand the concept of giving your life to anyone, then you don’t understand war, so let limit this conversation to has dated men, and never recognized the concept of lost power I still graduated from law school, so this mixing, transformation, people watching in you through you by computer, is to teach you when someone is supported that’s to cause you to think, rethink, comprehend whats at stake, then the person supported is viewed through your eyes, so Im sure that’s what #tech is for to teach you the value of being a human being that anyone can look into, and speak through you if you forget, and maybe that’s the lesson in the stopping point of others, to witness the gift of life, feeling special or invincible, that’s wellness and privilege and not having a problem with anyone, once you sound like you interpret in the negative, that that gets used to justify if you get sick, to treat you as offender to the interests of anyone who doesn’t have a problem with you, so if its loss to illustrate in the event of loss how does one respond, and how is one affected, that’s treating me as not connected or rising to an occasion, I never took that risk, in fact when the risk hit me in the head, I slammed my head into a door several times, and took a back seat to CDC and WHO, and it took me 4 months to apply and get a job, its not fast, working toward a goal and then sounding like you have arrived to the goal and for those who wanted you to stop blogging, maybe it’s the connection thing they get, so if that’s a lesson being taught to me, again its treating me as too many connections or saying that my audience is not full of nice people, so a poor showing of character is to allow for that room of wonder to get filled with evil or angry upset. So how do you know who is being represented who is not made to waste energy and time focus on the root of hurt, heartbreak, or mental illness, and accepts that if anyone is made unstable that means once is not okay and if one is not okay, that means one is not accepting, and that’s the lesson in playfulness, you are what you focus on and if you let it consume you then you become the person who doesn’t feel like you and you give power to the action or your reaction.

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