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Finding Yourself …

It’s never too late to find yourself. Ever notice when you’re feeling lost every decision becomes difficult. Isn’t it best when we can live freely. At what point does a decision become a risk to you. When that decision subjects you to not feeling good about yourself. So try to do more things in life with confidence rather than take the lead of another you later become resentful about. Find your happy medium, find your balance. According to Harvard Business Review, “At a certain point in life, we transition from “time to live” to “time left to live.” This shift creates a new sense of urgency about identifying the purpose of our existence.” [1] One of the issues they talked about was the necessity for socialization stating that we get the most support when we are social, so let’s not isolate and blog that would be a bad decision for your health, do go to Google tech mixers, do try Bumble Biz, learn how to network, do email with other bloggers, go out of your way to contact others in your community, have something to offer in the event someone contacts you, come up with some standard replies, and always be professional. That would be the next logical step for me as a blogger. It’s all a matter of wellness, when you’re doing well as a blogger that means you are able to provide opportunity for other bloggers to be heard and noticed which makes being on WordPress now all the more better. The out of control hobby: blogging. Something you love to do you should be able to talk about with confidence, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a real career! You’re learning, you’re growing, you’re introducing yourself to the world, and it’s okay if you don’t make any money doing what you love to do in life, that will happen for you eventually what’s more important is that you feel good about yourself, you stay motivated, you have something to do each day, and you’re helping to establish a blogging community on WordPress for others to follow and learn from. Wouldn’t life be boring if we didn’t share our lives, if we didn’t have a life, or if we hid behind all our fears of rejection and acceptance, just be yourself and go from there. What’s most important is that you have, “direction and goals to look forward.” [2] That’s one thing I noticed as a blogger there are no specific directions for you to follow in getting started you may learn by example or you can pave your way the skies the limit. Being your enthusiastic creative self is best applied if you are learning as you go that’s what makes it exciting to hear from you that you have things going for you in life that you are able to improve that your human and experience downs and able to talk yourself out if situations in life where you feel lost or disheartened. You can do this, this is your life, own it.




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