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Early Stages of Recovery … #mentalhealth

No one gets it sometimes, not you, not anyone. That’s just how life works sometimes in a problem or not. This is the stuff that faith is for, that no matter what you’ve been through you get through it and things get better, whatever the system of recovery is for, it’s for those moments when you feel like things are worse, painful, and all of the above painful. Life’s not meant to be lived that way, it could be something you’re thinking of going through difficult, it could be a situation that seems impossible, it could be struggling between moments in life of doing well or not doing well. What’s temporary are your thoughts and this is what change is for, if you can’t change the situation maybe you can change the way you think about it, and if it’s a person you’re having difficulty with maybe you can change your approach to the problem to either include or describe in better words what it is your going through that is making a situation worse and not on purpose being difficult toward anyone for any reason personal. Being considerate means accepting your faults we don’t always deserve everything that’s coming our way by default, there is always a chance of being misunderstood, remember who’s important to you and go from there. So no matter what happens know that it’s not always your fault no matter how much you open up or who gets close to you we don’t all deserve a fight thrown our way, those who care won’t take personally a condition not in your control such as mental health issues, and anyone who makes things worse for you mentally is probably not on your side in life and doesn’t know what’s best for you or recognize the difference between the right and wrong way to react to anyone going through a hard time, I think space is always in the best interests of everyone involved no matter how well they know you that’s nothing to take personally, mental health.

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