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Right now it’s about you, hanging up my self pity hat, and detailed disclosures of lesser moments of faith and confidence in life. Explore life but don’t get too far away from your basic principles, boundaries, moral courage, and upbringing, we were all raised differently … this you later come to appreciate about life, how nice people are, and how innocence is lost through disappointment, expectations, and high standards, you’re not alone in this, none of us are. So it happens … experimentation, I’m not sure if I was ever clearly a fan of excitement built upon taking risks in life public or privately, I don’t think I’ve ever broadened my horizons in life exploring parts of me, personality wise, if it wasn’t worth the effort, such a taking selfie’s and vlogging (video blogging). I understand it’s a zoom video era, I think it takes some adjusting to. The worst phase is looking at yourself and not liking the way you look, talk about insecurity! That’s what that means, don’t fret we have all been there, proud, insecure, quiet, introvert. I don’t think anyone who’s an “introvert,” wants to be described in that way, the fact that someone has to physically or manually open you up for you to get comfortable around others illustrates a handicap in life, it’s like being prone to manipulation in life, if you’re comfortable around most and not judgmental you know the skies the limit depending on what you become accustomed to, either lead yourself, be a self-starter, get your pose back, learn confidence, or go by others leadership skills – you won’t lead all important discussions in life, we can’t all be teachers, I think we are all learning a work in progress. So what gives value to what you have to say, what are your exposures, are you continuing your education, where there’s a will there’s a way. Mindset (blogger), I’ve been reading a book by Brene Brown recently called “Braving the Wilderness,” where she talks about those periods of exploration occurring during moments in life when we are problem solving through the “collective joys and pains” (121) in life, stating that the solution is to recognize the “collective sense of community,” (136) and the power in recognizing our innate human need to be social recognizing that we are all connected in some way. This you recognize as a blogger, your audience may connect without you, people may feel close to you if they can relate to you, and more people may know you than you know them. Sharing is important whats now clear is the basis for which people are connecting, are you focusing your attentions on problems, or are you providing tools and resources for coping? Being “wired for connection” (130) means that we can get a lot of the healing work done, by simply participating on social media, which in turn can have a positive affect on our outlook, seeing the world through a different lens other than our own, remember how big the world is, remember how complicated life can get, remember all the people financially independent, and remember your place, blogger or not. Defeating loneliness was actually mentioned as an “essential component of a healthy, happy, life.” (130) And so here I am. I’ll spare you my “Have no fear Leslie is here!” Basically what more can you say at a time like this, I used to watch David Letterman in college, who used to quote a President saying, “While F.D.R. once told Americans that we have nothing to fear but fear itself.” [1] I hope that everyone is doing well, being strong, not avoidant, comfortable tackling tough subjects, not afraid to share their mind, opening up on their own, not limited by any social codey cues in life limiting their understanding to what everyone’s going through separate to them, what’s difficult sometimes is not what’s complicated, what is complicated sometimes is talking about what’s difficult. So do your best, keep an open mind, continue to grow and be mature, don’t lose your sense of humor, and don’t allow any amount of defeat or insecurity to keep you from trying hard in life making a good impression and being a positive influence to others in life.


[1] Read more: https://www.searchquotes.com/quotation/While_F.D.R._once_told_Americans_that_we_have_nothing_to_fear_but_fear_itself%2C_Mr._Ashcroft_is_delig/174889/#ixzz74IoX6hna

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