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Theres no short story to a long story, and maybe that’s the thing about appreciating people where they are in life, even if you don’t know how they got there, or what they went through, or the exact steps they took, to gain the courage or the skill set to blog, we all got here eventually, and we all have something to share, whether it’s a blockbuster story worth telling in life or a taller tale based on struggle, misfortune, bad luck, or fewer happy endings in life, this life is what you make of it, so when you are summarizing recent events for yourself, whether while evaluating the life of another, or your own life, whatever is more important to you, remember one thing, to take the positive given your experiences in life and ability to think about life and reflect on the present, know that not everyone has that ability at all times, depending on whether theyre going through trauma, mental health issues, mental illness, medication changes, recovery for substance use or abuse, modeling, embarrassment, defamation, legal battles, processing crimes, evaluating history, watching the news, hopefully at some point in your thinking you remember to be human, and recognize that all people are human, going through their daily battles in life waking up each day, going to bed, functioning in the daytime, working, doing something with their lives, having a life, being important to others, being of value to others, staying inspired and staying motivated, there are so many reasons to veer away from criticism, which I only think is most beneficial when you are trying to improve upon a system of trust, a viewpoint of how someone is handling their life, or to select a topic for discussion that you think is relevant at any given time, you know most of life doesn’t relate to you unless you put yourself out there, so that’s not a skeleton in the grand scheme of things in my closet or anyones closet, I think the eventual putting together of things can either work in your favor mentally or wind up doing you a disservice in life depending on what issues you think apply to you just in thinking about everything overall, or what you make apply to you based on what you have to say worrying or thinking that anyone is thinking that you are somehow related to any events ongoing outside of your life that you have not influenced in a positive way, or have things going on in your life being treated like you bring about bad circumstances for yourself or anyones outlook in life, I don’t think that if I wasn’t a successful blogger, that anyone would honestly spend the time reading anything that mislead them, or misinformed them, or wasted their time, that I can tell you right now, and it will be clear whether someone is helpful based on how they make you feel, that’s clear just in words, whether overheard coming from me, or something Ive said, Ive recently made a personal note of not repeating the negatives of what anyone has to say, not in my personal records, google photos, phones records, or personal writings or emails, that’s important to me what circulates about me, and whats coming from me, its clear that you wind up in memory a composite of what stands out after all of what you have to say in writing, you cant stop that thought process that occurs for most people to simply, deduce, and pull away from whats been written and either think or or cant forget something that’s been said, whether purposefully stated for importance, or memorable in a way that hopefully gets you to think more of life, that’s the purpose for writing well, its to open you up to thinking for yourself, its not for personal anecdotes or sharing struggles which in words either retraumatize me or suffocates the process of moving forward, and putting you at odds with anyone, whether its an argument shared or a series of sides to an argument in which you are someone mutually affected by any unnecessary deductions made of you as though you are not thinking of others, or not worried what others think, I may be confident but Im not someone who doesn’t care what others think, or speaks my mind without recalling everything that Ive said, its like a tape deck the rewinds and replays over and over again, some people are just that way constantly reflecting and thinking about what they have to think or what they have to say, and constantly making sure that everything sits well, that’s called being mindful, its not an easy job, especially not today as a writer, to not be sensitive to all ongoing discussions and make sure you stay relevant in a way that’s not absent minded whats going on in the world, that’s called timing, poise, tact, tone, and respect, it means that you are mindful of your moods, you understand that it matters to be a certain way when things are not well, or to be a certain way when things are going well, not all are gifted in that way, maybe most on social media, people who are constantly in contact with others, and doing their best to carry themselves in a way that makes people feel normal, not uncomfortable, we cant all be social media personalities. I think I try my best to be myself, I don’t think that that’s easy at all times, I think for the most part, when Im trying to forget whos watching, I wind up embarrassing myself, those tend to be the duller moments in retrospect, but that’s life, you cant predict whats going to be memorable or meanginful to you in life, we all have important moments in life that define us, it will usually be upon completing a goal, entering or leaving the workforce, choosing a new profession, working on dating again, being social, you learn things about yourself as you go through life and this is how you improve. So what the 67k viewers recently added by Pinterest (I connected my website!), shows is that you may not have life figured out, it may not be a clear journey beginning at one point and ending at another, but you continue on in life no matter where you start, and sometimes all it takes it taking a look around you, being witnessed by people in public trying, to do your best again, sometimes that’s all the permission you need, hence the reason by behavioral health issues are so important, that applies to you social skills, your people skills, your demeanor, your attraction, your approachability, all of that matters and it starts with you, being comfortable with yourself, and reminding yourself that even when you don’t feel like you’ve got what it takes, and even if the road feels heavy or dark, and even if your experiencing symptoms, tired, lethargic, off center, you can always rehabilitate yourself, if you have the courage to get permissions, to ask for help, to be able to put into words what it is your going through, what you see, what you think can help, what it is your working on, so that no problems you have to go through alone brainstorming, half of life is just thinking about life like we started, and the other half is actually living life, going out there and facing rejections in life or reactions, so if you cant get that much down, then I don’t know how else to advise you on the amount of confidence required to stay steady as a blogger, it’s a lot of internal work, no matter what you look like externally, I mean all of that matters the fitness, but mostly its what you can handle, that illustrates to others not just in feelings, words, and look that you have found stability some how through a mess in life, and you have been able to get out of that mess in life of misinterpretation, and find steady footing again, and that shows character, what you make about yourself, versus what you make about others, sometimes the best battles fought occur when we aren’t ready, it doesn’t seem like a calling or a situation you undergo in life prepared, so that’s having faith in yourself, I cant describe what being overwhelmed is like, but its being in a situation that you don’t want to be in, and for things to look worse in regards to you than in terms of the power that has been lost in being in plain sight viewed as having low standards in life in terms of how I communicate with others and what about, I don’t think that you need to have serious opinions in life or be an important person to have important discussions online, I just think that you need to be a caring person, have experience talking to people, and not allow yourself to be treated like you don’t care or are some unimportant person in the grand scheme of things, that wouldn’t be recognizing the achievement of someone as a blogger that demonstrates technical skills achieved through the study of blogging over a period of 5 years making an at home job for myself, I think it was very nice of me to open up, I think like anyone once you are made to feel scared or don’t feel secure in terms of what you have to share, it becomes less important what I have to say about my past, or the value in putting into words my life, maybe that’s an easy task to read a book that I spent years writing, and maybe that means that it was a good book, so clearly since I did not put a price tag on my book and write for free online, the value of my writing was not recognized and in addition the value of who I am as a person was not recognized and instead a new condition that required new meds was used to overshadow my worth to minimize the significance and importance of coming forward and building a website and gaining 67k in Following online, that’s a huge achievement online, and Im very proud of myself, Im very thankful to all my readers, and I hope to continue to blog online, and be consistent with what has been working for me and what has enabled me to improve my outlook in life through writing online, all of my progress, graduating from law school, applying for job, staying sober, overcoming bipolar, none of that would have happened for me had I not been a writer, that is how I monitored my progress, and witnessed my own self-growth and development overtime, and the jobs not done. Everything takes time, no system for improvement is perfect, and its not until you feel like you are of value, that you can ever expect to be of value to anyone else, maybe not now, but eventually, hopefully. 

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