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Back to Work …

Going back to work is no easy task, here are the steps I took toward getting a new job:

  • Sought treatment for my mental health issues, got new meds.
  • Started going to AA meetings to address addiction issues.
  • Blogged almost everyday keeping track of my thoughts.
  • Started free reading books, and keeping myself updated on news.

Life isn’t perfect, but if you wait too long, sometimes the opportunity passes to be proud not necessarily the job opportunities, thankfully there are so many apps and websites to find jobs, I usually use Ziprecruiter, have found the most success there and interviews. So don’t give up, keep yourself busy! I did some political work in my free time, became an OFA Fellow, became a member to Brady and Moms Demand, its important to get out there and to go to meetings and be apart of and get to know what other people are up to who share the same common interests as you, you know that might not be the job, but it’s a start, hopefully to something better. -So what does going back to work mean, for me it means that I can sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, sounds like an easy schedule, but with meds its not, it takes getting used to. Next you have to figure out your energy levels, are you awake everyday, not taking naps, for me I figured this out through walking everyday to help get my energy back up. Next, how are your social skills, are you making eye contact, hows youre tone, are you speaking in the positive about yourself, this I figured out going to AA meetings. And lastly, how is your private life, are you having positive conversations with others, and this was a big deal for me to get social again, and to contact friends, and be contacted, it means that you are emitting an energy into the world that calls for positive attention, doesn’t it feel good when someone else thinks of you and reaches out to you, I feel like there aren’t enough good days to go around where we are all feeling like getting in contact with one another. So Ive come a long way, and I couldn’t have done it without the growing support of all my fans who read along, and everyone who took the time to like me! Thank you!

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