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Loosening Up v. Being Conservative …

There are many ways to show that you care, and mostly that occurs when you aren’t uptight about things, opinionated in a good way, being assertive has its benefits, just don’t let anyone walk all over you, in the event that you are less sturdy when opening up to others, we are not all confident socially to just talk about anything, but its a good skill to have. Sounds like a “PTSD treatments focus on alleviating the mental stress that accumulates following traumatic experiences.” [1] Exactly, knowing that youre not perfect, no one is.

When you stop focusing on perfection and what people think, this opens you up to a whole world of concepts when it comes to recognizing humanity, being more proud of people, than the time you spent annoyed or aggravated. If you can bring yourself, to see someone as a human being just like you, that speaks volumes of you, that you recognize that everything is not about you, and willing to let another have the spotlight, or share it. Being conservative with your emotions means that you don’t allow your own story to break you, even if you have to share about it, or required to talk about in therapy or AA. You know these people are here to help you, you don’t have to do it all on your own. 

Its okay to feel insecure and not sure of yourself, all of that will change overtime, as you get strong again. Then once you start feeling better, opening up can be one way to loosen up, it means that you don’t care or worry what others think and not afraid to share your mind. 

That’s a good thing, you know even if youre not feeling well, you never know what someone might have to say to make things sound better for you, stated in a way that you might not see yourself, that’s why talking to people has so many benefits, being social is a positive. The only downside being if you don’t know your audience well enough, your instability can affect how they are feeling about things, so try to stay positive! Not every person is the right person to talk to about your problems, and this I learned the hard way, it can be overwhelming, and is usually the type of conversation if your not aware that someone else who does not understand what it is you are going through may refer you to a therapist or AA, that’s not an insult, embrace the parts of you that you don’t have to share about with everyone, that’s not going to help.

However, during difficult times, its easy to be uptight about things, embrace that part of yourself, the person who has something to say, and is not someone who is just going to take words for granted, when everything matters, that’s your body or minds response to whatever stress you are going through, and in the end its you that needs to get through it, notice that feeling when you go deaf hard of hearing and not listening zoning out, happens to me all the time. Maybe its trauma, according to, there are many common reactions to trauma, other than being uptight, on “high alert … [or] on watch,” its also okay to go through periods of being tired, youre not alone, and its also okay to be scared of not knowing what to do, or “what might happen,” sounds like a Tinder date, Im just kidding, Im actually not kidding, I get the worst anxiety before meeting someone not knowing if theyre a match. [2] You will be your normal social self again, you just have to be patient with yourself.

When your “emotional equilibrium,” [3] is not up to par, this can cause us to lose composure, confidence, comfort, and can make you incredible insecure, that’s just mental health, you don’t feel like yourself and when you don’t feel like yourself, you don’t want to be around others, but isolation is not the correct response, eventually you have to get back out there, you cant just stay in your room all day, eventually it will become important again for you to have a life, work, be social, make friends, maybe date again, go out, be lively, isn’t that always the goal? Its when we are alone, that problems can seem bigger than they are, and there is no telling what you allow yourself to think on your own, I find myself so lost when Im disconnected from everyone, why blogging has become a big part of my life, in recovery from bipolar. It’s the stress of not doing anything in life that is what “put[s] your entire well-being at risk.” [4] The benefits of a little social media participation, even if youre not comfortable, or familiar with how everything works, getting followers, likes, and having content to publish, that’s okay! Join. tells us that “it’s important to experiment and find out what works best for you.” [5] So hearing that I hope that you stress a little less about “social media addiction” warnings, and do what you need to do to feel apart of, join a group, share or don’t share, just don’t give up!







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