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There is no excuse for crime, especially in the case of #briannakupfer, and although the world is not a safe place, this also means that more can be done when it comes to educating ourselves, on what the limits are to be established in terms of the use of identities, or exploring wealth in ideas that have come from the successes of others, that doesn’t mean that we are all intended to profit from the successes of others, not if you don’t have the right foundations in place. I just got a new job at Interrogating Justice, and am presently studying criminal reform law. Reading textbook “Criminality in Context: The Psychological Foundations of Criminal Justice Reform,” by Craig Hanley. What stood out to me was the “education” factor, contributing to these social ills, and to this type of mentality, which is criminality. What can be done? First it starts with having empathy for those who are powerless to the concerns of those who empathize with the wrong people in life, criminals, in order to understand what can be done, it starts with how one educates themselves of the issues, and that includes the general discourse around crime, and its effects on society and mental health. As someone who is paranoid, and constantly living in fear of my own safety needs, whether that be in person or by computer, its become very important for me to protect myself, maintain a curfew, not be out alone at night, get a gym membership, and get a job, including not talking to strangers online, and doing my best to publish only my best work. Whether I am an appropriate negotiator of interests, remains to be the question, I always wonder if there is some unwanted exposure to people who do not share my interests in life, what can I do on my end to help make things go right. I realize, it will be by my words, and how I educate others on whats important that then becomes a factor on whether I am capable of deterring others from harming people, not just in my own life, but people in general overall, and that’s my current pressing problem, how to continue to blog, and keep an accurate account of my own life and progress and how to address bigger safety issues when it comes to crime, and how to stop criminals from committing crimes in the first place. Cognizant of this shared spaced, enjoyed for thinkers and creators, not ruin that rapport with others, and also discourage by not emphasizing too much what is working to let it be destroyed by someone not in daily observance of the issues, helpful, not be motivated by what is working for the majority. When something bad occurs, that’s a good time to take a break from brainstorming in any group projects, that’s when there can be no shared interest or comradere in terms of what is working for everyone overall, this is when people become independent thinkers, not relying on one another for what is appropriate to think, or what works for everyone overall, when it comes to thinking in general. So don’t call my concerns schizophrenic, I have every right to be paranoid, don’t call that delusional, and I have every right to do my best to function in society as am employed member of society, no matter what job it is that I should hold, my views wont change, and those views will be expressed through my writing in a job, I don’t do criminal defense. If there is not a legitimate reason for someone not to do time, or the length of time that they are presently serving, they should do the time that they have been assigned to do, that is the mathematical equation for the length of time it takes to change, rehabilitate, or forgo the release of any person who is deemed harmful to society, that amount of time should not be cut short, and not to the detriment of society, a life cut short #briannakupfer. So what are some over-arching themes of “mymollydoll,” (1) representative of the Hollywood sign (that’s real estate online, and the necessity of that space to be created in value with attention to the influence that it has on those watching or reading, just like film actors are to our psyche and viewing pleasure, changed by them), (2) representative of the coming of age of women, who eventually date and hook up with men, and then become women, once girls, (3) representative of the need for there to be some kind mentorship occurring between older women and younger women a comradere of sorts, (4) representative of “molestation” victims, people who suffered at the hands of others trying to teach them sex, or be sexual with them, and bring out their sexuality, in a way that causes them to feel small, not feel good about themselves, lose confidence, (5) representative of the important effect that writing and reading has on our psyche, and the amount of improvement that can occur over time, as witnessed on my blog, from disability to ability, (6) representative of the problem with embodying one another, not to emulate one another, but to accept ourselves as human beings and the skin that we are in, represented by a doll, a figure, or a state of being to be achieved, in look and presence, easy to look at, healthy. There are many things that can probably be thought of when coming to terms with what my pen name represents, and when deciding whether I as a woman represent what it means to be a strong woman, be a keeper, employable, a good friend, a good companion, a good human being. The standards are so high today, when it comes to fitting ideals, and I don’t think this is what making a billion dollars was about for Kyle Jenner, who I am sure is doing her best, to be an advocate to young women, and young entrepreneurs, trying to make a career about their ideas in life, and share their precious work with others, in hopes to help others to benefit in ways they can also make money as business people, and combine forces with others who seek to be empowered by their money making ability, plan, or system. So how to deter crime, it starts with what you represent and how you represent that, theres nothing that can be changed about my upbringing, what street I grew up on, who I am now, or the diagnosis that I have now. I was not born disabled, I was a star soccer player and star student, I do think that these stresses later occurred in life, on the basis of someone outside of me trying to get inside of me, just to get information from me, or a read on a situation or a group of people, that’s how invasive people are toward people who come from a story, so that’s the first aspect of being myself that makes things difficult, that attitude toward you, like you have something that they want from you, its like being robbed, or threatened, its being made to feel scared to see whats inside of you, and that’s often times simply for the reassurances to them, that there is not something bad inside of you, or if there is something smart inside of you whether that matches to something that they are thinking or feeling. This is why I was punching my head yesterday, because apparently Ive not said enough, and apparently because there was a homicide, Im being attacked (by voices) as though I don’t make sense, and to me calling me schizophrenic is an excuse for people to go on treating me like there is something wrong with me and there is nothing wrong with me, if I am bothered by people who are uptight or obtuse with me, or ignore me or cant speak to me. Why is everyone helped, and everyone entitled to holding opinions, but Im not allowed to share my mind, my life, and my identity, that makes no sense to me. Everyone has the privilege of living private lives and getting jobs, and I don’t. I had to write online, and present myself to the world, in order to convince others that I was fit to write, and to get a paid job, and be able to support myself, not as a member of society to hide.

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