You Can Only Move Forward …

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When you can only move forward, sometimes this involves letting things go. You can go on carrying around with you all your problems for the rest of your life, just like therapy is temporary, it’s until you feel better and can get through things on your own. What to do when there’s no clear path forward? I just found an article on that discusses this dilemma occurring when, you are for example “afraid of disapproval or conflict.” [1] This is common in spats, or losing friends. There will be disagreement over the circumstances for those losses, and there will be nothing you can do to overcome those differences, it’s what one person thinks over what you think, and that much you have to accept. How to avoid allowing those differences in opinion from reinforcing themselves in the negative in you life. Start thinking positively, there’s less likely to be conflict when you’re doing well than when you’re not doing well. Speak positively of others, remember the good. Talk about life like you are genuinely proud of yourself, do well, and share feedback on life that will remind others to move forward in a positive way too. Everything I discuss on my blog is something I’ve thought about personally or overcame thinking wise on my own life, maybe spending a lot of alone time made me think too much about what’s happened in life and have not spent enough time living life all I know is that it was necessary for me to reflect in order to move forward in life. Things don’t get better not unless you know or understand why you faced difficulty in the past, things get better the more aware you are of the patterns that leave you feeling empty, or worthless, tired, frustrated, or embarrassed. Opening up is not an easy task, most people don’t talk much, don’t talk about their problems, just keep going in life. Functioning is important, but not if you have problems this can make functioning in life difficult such as working, exercising, getting a job … you have to be in a good place in life to have these things. The only difference is that even with all these things I still have mental health issues requiring meds, and those problems don’t go away and maybe that’s the difficult thing to accept about me by someone who expects me to be healed or 100%. I’m always doing my best giving it 100% of my effort moving forward, to improve. I will always get tired, overwhelmed, run through risk of feeling sick, that’s disability, you have to pace yourself or else you break down and become frustrated, with yourself, or in my case voices who don’t agree with me, who think they’re better than me, who ridicule me, who talk $hit about me. That’s voices it’s a committee of people watching you, going through your things, judging you, commenting on you, who wants people to get together and talk about you in the negative that’s not what blogging is for being talked about, it’s about reading and thinking on your own and fixing yourself in the privacy of your own life. It’s not about talking to a group of people, it’s not a speech, it’s not public speaking, and it may not always be motivational or positive, that’s life not all days need to be hyper or energetic or influential, you have to sometimes accept people, their personalities, and not everything is a reflection of reality or what one’s real life is like, that’s mental health issues, it’s stuff going on for you that you can’t control, it’s stuff happening to you that you can’t control, it’s stuff being said about you that you can’t control, it’s stuff people are thinking about you that you can’t control.



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