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Working Through Disability …

Working through symptoms takes time, with the right meds and psychiatrist anything is possible. I think I made a lot of improvements over the past year, but nothings ever completely perfect and I’m okay with that. Managing symptoms for me means not to let things get out of control on my end, I cherish the days when things calm down and it’s nice and quiet, those are symptom free days for me, nothing going on, nothing stressing me out, nothing overwhelming and I think that’s an earned sense of peace you get when things are going right for you, so it’s every moment worth working towards in life. Recently have been going through a lot, not like everyone doesn’t have problems, to me keeping to myself is getting better so that I can blog and go back out into the world a more settled and confident human being. My goal is to be independent and working and think that’s a good long term goal for myself, whether that includes dating and marriage I’m not so sure about that, all of that feels very overwhelming to me at the moment and really enjoying my alone time, getting to know myself again and working on my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been really into going to the gym again getting my energy back which is a good change of pace. I used to be in bed all day, well most of the day, so happy to be reading, working out, watching tapes on Udemy taking classes, and working towards getting going at work. I’ll feel much better once I get settled in a new job, all adjustments take time. It’s a really exciting new phase in life for me, and I’m very much looking forward to the coming months, staying focused and working on myself. -I noticed things were a lot calmer for me not blogging, and didn’t get voices, so maybe that’s a good break for me once in awhile to get back to normal, connect less. I think in the haste of staying connected and checking on everyone I get really stressed out, and sickly … so I’m feeling much stronger now, it’s quiet, I’m not getting voices, I feel balanced, and have a good head on my shoulders today about things. The goal in life is not to be immune to everything, that’s impossible, we can’t all expect not to be affected by things in life, that much we don’t have control over, the goal is to manage those stresses constructively, and breaks are okay too.

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