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Even if …

August 29, 2020 (not published)

Even if no one respects yourself respect yourself enough to not behave in private in any way that if the world were watching you’d want them to think of you any differently. Part of feeling good and loving life is feeling good about yourself one of two equal parts to feeling loved. If what you love isn’t making you feel loved then that means it’s time to focus on something that gives back in one of two equal parts to what’s missing from your life. You can give and give and give your undivided attention and focus to those in need of love and when you’d time and attention gets divided let the best shine, either you flounder once separated from what you’ve been giving your heart to, or the other flounders upon you giving you heart (time and attention) to something that rewards you such as writing, or finishing my dissertation, or applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, all of which has been I referred with. Anyone who loves you will respect your space, that is your time and attention away from them upon matters or people who matter to you, thats not focusing in life irrespective of the needs of others, to each his own, everyone’s entitled to at least some respect and careful time and attention paid to their own lives as lived not just as lived among others. Be human in your responses or concerns with regards to trust issues, when one is not themselves happy with themselves it’s hard for one to be happy for another and vice versa, the exchange of love is most adequately centered on whether one when focusing on the other makes the other feel whole or better thats a gift in life not to be tampered with the gift of healing worries, consoling differences, making sense to one another, and feeling bonded in that knowledge of how one has affected the other for the better.

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