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I Don’t Have to Be Beautiful for Anyone …

I don’t have to be beautiful for anyone that’s not what blogging and recording my health by selfie is about it’s about making improvements and working on yourself, focusing less on others, and the task at hand whatever that may be. You can only integrate and work alongside others and share common graces, encouragement, pride, or helpfulness when it’s a equally beneficial experience in the discovery of those thoughts or sets of thinking otherwise it’s called controversy and no one wants to be the center of controversy not me and that’s not my personality to cause waves. This is how much work I have to put into getting along with others, especially when others are sold on ideas perpetuated in confidence boosting memorandum to see yourself as better than others and to see yourself as better off or judge people as bad luck or beneath you in life. That’s when someone holds a negative judgment of you don’t allow that impetus to inflict intentional pain and suffering to you in the form of being cold or rejecting you on the basis of what they designate to be a popular belief not include in you and plow over your mentality and self esteem. Those are people who feel strengthened by aggravation and reassured by designating a negative feeling onto another in place or in recognition for their own feelings aggravate. Everyone’s so entitled these days by money, at their own fast pace thinking their survival is all about feeling good and feeling good off one another and only surrounding themselves by people who feel good what about all the people who feel good and try to make you feel bad about yourself or not like yourself or question yourself they are not me and I am not them and just as their life is easier without knowing me my life is easier without having to think about or consider what your feelings are being directed towards me to hurt me or injure my stability it’s my world too it’s not just your world. So whenever someone tries to encroach into your space as though you are improperly in their world it’s no problem to assert yourself and say you know what I’m not going to take this or that from you and I’m willing to take things to court and protest or not work or stay home or get fat or not try hard and not make me winning or getting strong be about uneven exchanges in life and let you be me and take the higher road I’ve seen this before it’s like your face is taken off your body they think they are you and look at you until your face is gone and that’s how someone benefits at your expense you literally lose face and composure. That’s not okay to do persistently until you get a result that pleases you when you feel strong and only to recognize your strength until another is harmed or doesn’t feel good about themselves is wrong to do to people just to get a rise out of them or to see what’s inside them. I’m smart inside I’m not so vulnerable to keep secrets or let things out like it’s communicating a guilt or gay secret inside of me that you see patterned in all my responses going uh yeah yup this is about this because I think that why I’m seeing this … you are responding for what you see looking at a person and just because you see me online doesn’t mean that I’m holding in quiet or reserving peace for myself and not strong enough to battle your demons or insights protected and shot into me to confirm your negative understanding of reality or what are causes or compromises or issues related to gun violence we misassociate me as someone not cool no it’s you that are not cool with me and think because you are cool with others that I’m not capable of being cool with others if you hurt me and make me not feel good take that personally and try to ruin me so that I’m not capable of feeling good by others. Which at this point I just want to be alone and having trouble talking to everyone!!! I don’t deserve this type of treatment in life like yeah everyone knows you and doesn’t respect you how would you feel if you came from a famous case and people treated you like you aren’t important. I don’t treat people that way don’t hurt my ego on the basis of you not feeling good enough like it’s some Facebook movie rejection joke in order to be successful. I’m successful because I’m accepted not because I get rejected and I became successful anyways even with haters and a hate website made of me online for year! Degrading me! And no one helped me take down those pages and sites! Ignored by everyone, that’s not okay! Thats not how you treat good people or a good woman like me selfless!!! I would die for what I believe in and I would die to the extent that I would go to court just to say it so I can live in face of hate and derogatory humor trying to influence others to bond and reject or not talk to me like I’m someone different. I’m not different I’m the same human being as you are! Respect my human-ness. #mentalhealth #empowerment

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