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Not feeling well can’t sleep taking a break from blogging being harassed receiving text messages non stop insulting me criticizing me and calling me names and pretending to be Todd another moment well ruined to be made to look stupid, if this continues I don’t have the blog. And reserve space online for people who aren’t attacked by people who want stuff from them photos and then unhappy once they get what they want then hurt me like I’m not already hurt and going through a lot with schizophrenia and working and was doing well his goal is to upset me so I call police then I snap to get my face to look ugly and my voice to sound masculine to then trash me online and if I get suicidal try to justify it by hurting ne to get others to dislike me. I’m the same to everyone nice. And I don’t have the energy to fight in texts I appreciate care but I think this is past the point of learning and someone bettering their viewpoint of me and getting to the point of anything I say to sound bad I don’t talk to anyone and not dating and nothing is working out and not well enough to be social and goal AA on weekends and work. I take myself seriously life is not good so good that I’m feeling good that I’m cheering anyone up when you get hurt insulted it’s to make you serious so you don’t feel good so people see your light out and give you a hard time as disappointment. So if it means not blog then maybe that will be best to stop informing this person taking photos from me and blackmailing me as wannabe celebrity or something I’m a writer that’s my status online. I’m not good enough to meet famous people that is clear I’m not well enough to go out be social date marry or have kids so I have no idea what land of opportunity he’s attacking me headed in life and no I’m not headed anywhere bad either. I’m doing my best and this is stressing me out so I don’t think it’s a good idea to share anything clearly me upset isn’t helpful and doesn’t make sense to anyone reading.

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