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It’s common for unhappy people to deflect blame for situations they feel personally insulted by as though they have been misrepresented. You are only misrepresented by the people you trust who in turn let you down or fail to meet the mark throw you under the bus or for excuse of their own guilts about things create a delusion of there being something that you’re guilty for to justify themselves being critical or deflective toward you as though your burdens struggle or disability is not sufficiently lived to lift their esteems. Everyone is responsible for their own esteems there is not one story that can be told to which each party represented is affected by the other yo mean inherit a disposition or attitude toward. How people are to you is a result of how you are to people and who is willing to accept you as you are or see you as someone to be respected. Money does not give you the privilege to minimize the importance or intelligence of someone without money as to blame more than someone with money when it comes to accusing representatives of cases as being of fault not representing the best interests of the parties involved as well as those who were murdered Nicole Brown Simpson. If it were about me I wouldn’t blog if I had problems or resentments I wouldn’t blog. If I was not able to help others I wouldn’t blog. It’s because I am a positive person independent and able to solve my own problems in life that I don’t need others and others don’t feel burdened to help me or pick up any slacks in life. I can manage my own life as well as any accusation combat the truthfulness or purpose for such derogatory assumptions to say it is in the wrong mind of the other not me.

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