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Hello my name is Leslie Fischman, I began my blogging journey 2013 upon leaving law school, a quotes blogger, sharing wisdom and insights along the way. Always full of ideas for positive change in terms of acceptance of those going through difficult times, recovery, and mental health issues. Then I made a website mymollydoll.com to share writing samples, blog daily, present my best work, a website I was very proud of and which represented me well. Since improving I have decided to start a new blog and leave old ideas behind. Manage one website for the time being instead of two websites, on a platform that has surveillance and reporting features to ensure a more accountable space in which my thoughts and analysis are recorded for review by others. -I wrote my first book 2018 which I have yet to publish. I figured I still have a lot to learn about writing and publishing before I put anything in a more permanent form, maybe later on when I’m more stable and confident with my diagnosis this will happen for me. Right now I’m focused on going back to work, adjusting to new meds, and maintaining a positive outlook in life. Recently Feedspot ranked me a top 100 personal development and self improvement blogger. I just graduated from law school with an MSL in Risk Management and Compliance which I think reflects my dedication to research and passion for writing, after completing my dissertation. I try to share what’s been working for me as well as what’s not working for me and where I have found difficulty in recovery from mental health issues. No journey is perfect, the point is to continue to focus on yourself and improve, not to cause waves or problems for yourself or others moving forward in life. It’s through acceptance that all things begin to change for you in life, sometimes facing our fears in life is the best way to improve and just share what we are going through in a non-judgmental space which is well liked by others and read such as the ranks I was able to achieve on Alexa in the top 14,000 websites in the US and on IMDb for my careful and thoughtful presentation of my life story online and ideas for change and acceptance toward all who are experiencing difficulty in these troubled times, maintain stability and improve too.

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