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Do Your Best …

The point past giving up is unhappiness whatever that’s to declare what’s of worth deserved or not deserved any condition you don’t want to be in sometimes is the end result of doing your best and things not getting better or things getting worse and unexpected results occurring from a failure being declared on your part whatever the circumstance may be the only person you hurt most when you stop improving is whoever is watching you fail like it’s for show. I think there comes a time when you recover that’s understandable not being sharp enough or critical enough to understand where other peoples anger and upset is coming from purposefully directed towards you or not based on whatever replies in real life they hold as the basis for approvals of you present or future. I think we all do our best to respond to one another I don’t think I’ve ever ignored anyone’s reservations when watching the news of hearing if anyone in distress, who comes first, you or others, I think I’ve always put the interests of others before my own interests that includes any subsidiary blogging goals, for the success of everyone not to be hampered by anything not going right for me personally, that I would never drag anyone through lack of success or know how. I think you either continue to get better at what you’re good at in life or fail for any number of reasons personal, political, or famous. I think once you get to where ever you’re headed in life you have options, to improve, to let go, to worry, let get to you, overcome, no one chooses to fail and that’s not the attitude I’d preach to anyone at a time like this to give up for any number of reasons personal. So if that’s the test then ultimately that’s considered whether I’m in demise not contributing to the overall wellness of most or whether what I’m going through personally is my own demise failure or suffering that no one else should be bothered by what’s not going well for me on any superficial level. I think being brave is not about sharing your problems or causing problems I think it’s about knowing your part fixing what you can and making the best of what life has to offer you or not offer you. I don’t think anyone expects much at a time like this I think we are all making due with what we have snd if it’s better to focus on who is successful doing well than maybe that’s for a good reason not for anyone to be brought down in life by the decisions made in anyone’s personal life agreed to known or approved of. Life isn’t perfect. Problems aren’t easy. And if you can be honest be honest explain and if that’s not the issue then don’t let anyone ruin your motivations in life based on what you look like, who you help, who you can’t help, or who is offended by what you look like or who you helped, or determine who is of value based on who is liked who is not liked and who is influencing who, be judged in the negative.

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