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There’s a Way to Respond …

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There a way to respond that doesn’t present difficulty which is not to require for anyone to care for you or empathize with you in a down no matter how it’s created by what terms or experienced in life, I’ve never viewed myself in that way, a waste of time. You know if you are one of those people in life who are not fun to see or hear from. That’s never anyone I’d want to be in life not comfortable or annoying obnoxious. The best way to present yourself would be to do your best however many likes that occurs for you, I don’t think even I recognize the difference of how I sound when I do get likes versus not getting likes recognize the change. If you don’t feel well that makes it hard to blog, if anyone is upset with you that’s hard to overlook, so no matter what happens for you in life, the best way to move forward is without fighting and not bringing anyone into your life to face any amount of difficulty you face being challenged in life mentally by meds or current treatment plan. Nothing comes easy in life, life can be a struggle if you’re dependent on meds to function. So that’s not me losing interest in blogging and the purpose for blogging to help others not just myself. No one wants “voices” ultimately that’s a condition that you either allow for yourself to be in and that’s not the answer to my problems, to isolate or not be able to talk to people from my life, I think you can go through difficulties in life that you don’t want to bother others about, I don’t expect that anyone or everyone should be thinking of me at a time like this, I think everyone’s recovering from this past year, have realized a lot, and getting their priorities in check, so it’s not that I don’t have thoughts or nothing to share and not blogging, maybe it’s waiting to get well, so that takes time, then eventually go back to AA meetings and be around others in recovery. I think I’ve done a good job of not drinking if I’ve ever relapsed which is once a year have a beer, to me that doesn’t amount to a problem self harm or issue wise, being social is important I think in order to be strong enough to be a reassuring friend in life you have to be that person yourself and it’s upon attracting good things in life that you become less of a bother to others, however that happens sobriety for me is an easy change Ive never been a big drinker anyways. So aside from what I relate to in hearing a Coldplay song it is relevant whether my mental health issues shined brighter than actual relapse whatever the case may be recovery is a process whether it’s changing meds (off Adderrall) or going through a breakup (things working out or not working out) only time can tell what’s in your future that much I don’t have planned for me right now, getting a job has always been the goal. I understand that most bloggers have things going for them in life and that exposure to someone’s life is fun to be apart of, maybe my life is not as exciting as others are to watch online, but I’ve never saw that as a weakness, I improved if I could (clothes and makeup). So whatever the issue is “voices” that’s not a real life experience in public or around people. I think getting along with others is very important for recovery whether you are misunderstood or not, your story is not as important for how you got there or why, that’s just dirt. It’s important to be a positive person, no matter what you’re problems are social or romantic I think we all face difficulty having things in life when we are not doing well or in between chapters in life. There’s no excuse for fighting on any level, that’s simply an upset either caused by you purposefully not well (drinking) or not stable (medications, taking night meds, sleeping). It takes awhile to figure out your pattern in life when you’re doing well or when you’re not doing well and why, mental health issues are not easy, it’s mostly: discomfort, failure, struggle, not feeling good, not looking pretty, self-harm, not being social, misinterpretation, overthinking, being too defensive, assuming, or unhappiness not feeling good about your work product, how you get treated, when you get hurt and why, when you feel strong, when you feel stable, what builds confidence, who you talk to, what helps. And any other considerations you have to make choosing what to talk about on your blog or not discuss this you get better with overtime, what’s important to share not important I think that’s mostly to do with maturity, sometimes in recognizing others discomforts with you it’s not that it’s okay for you to struggle it just means that when you’re going through something difficult you don’t bother others, and able to get through your issues on your own, that’s not what people are for to read into your issues have a problem with you or be treated like they don’t understand on some level what you go through no matter how personal or gets or blameworthy that’s much I don’t always have control for, at least I write. I think that’s a better show of character than to appear like I’m all knowing or some other form of an inappropriate joke on any level that’s not the point of sharing to minimize risk to self or others say anything to get people thinking in the wrong or be influenced for the wrong reasons to pay attention to anything unimportant or time consuming or a waste of energy, feel powerless or mislead, I don’t always get advice, however what I do get through are all the mental health issues associated with being treated as more important than you are, helpful or not. I think is the current issue, I think all the issues those aren’t apologies solely for putting down in writing how I look can affect others, I would never not try hard or allow for myself to get hurt and for that to hurt others be treated as unimportant, stupid, or grose.

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