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The Competitive Spirit …

Maybe you don’t think its time to assume, when is there ever a good time to suddenly list out the issues for agreement, that’s bound to leave anyone feeling tied up. Fault lines matter, and while the discussion initially may contain language in controversy, you wont know how to say things right, if you don’t practice exercising your freedom to speak to what you feel, that’s a skill that should never be lost, it could be a good time, to recognize that no problem is so complicated that it cant be put into words in a way whether permanent or in the moment, that doesn’t serve the purpose to address effect whatever it is, start with you, that would be the natural order of things, in terms of something you are trying to figure out, you will figure out more focusing on yourself, than focusing on anyone else, Ive noticed that over reliance on expectation or assumption, is like triggering a voice, or listening for, which Im not sure is how you create an auditory delusion, if I don’t know how it happens then its not something that Im medically gifted to describe, like most problems, whats your point, why, what are you getting at, that doesn’t sound right, sounds like you are trying to figure things out in a way that you are expecting someone listening to be thinking along with you, you know if you cant comprehend risk to start, then its probably better not to discuss the risks faced by others not in your company. So what does talking to a government agency entail, either you or someone you know, have been exposed to any series of understandings in life, personally subjected oneself to, or by virtue of interpretation that you think another should see like to be aware of, that’s undermining any system of observation which can see all on the basis of whats going right or wrong, and Im sure there is a reason for people who are doing well to be left alone, I don’t think that by changing the way you look solicits for a similar privileged treatment, nor does punishment become less likely in the event that you have corrected a problem of being personally aware of issues no matter how big or small, you will always be too late to figure out the limits of those who become unhappy with you, so in the best interests of whos interests are served in correcting your deficiency, be aware don’t read into how people feel that you subject them to harm based on how you carry yourself or live your lifestyle, you know if that’s a preference, then everyone has the right to not want to be associated to anyone or anything that’s not paying attention to the beauty in life, lost, or not at ease, just do your best, taking charge of your life, doesn’t mean that you are leading others by appearing well, it means that others are not bothered by you, when you are doing well, and not trying to bother them, at what point do people bother eachother, or suspect that there is something going on in error on the part of the person who seems detached physically or mentally, you know you will never know the causes for people being disturbed by your presence, and no standing out is not a gift, sometimes if you are seen too much, you don’t want to be seen, or if you are seen, to test for whether you are affected or can tell if someone does not like you or becomes upset by you, its always when youre not paying attention, that people are around, so always be a cautious driver, or studious typer, pull over, that’s your best bet, it might be idle time working in public, but its better to be focused on something in front of you, then focus on others that sends your energy to wrong people in life, who maybe don’t want your attentions, its not that you are annoying or unimportant, it’s the point at which you perceive people to have a problem with you, or vice versa that it becomes of issue, that something unlikeable, it’s a concept that maybe more people with experience in it have a better recognition for how it happens, we don’t all plan to come across that way, strong within, or strong within in an offensive way, that’s not how anyones power is lost, its about how you carry yourself in public, just be kind, and know that if you are the type of person who when aggravated cannot handle more attack, then stay home, and if you are someone who is aggravated, expected to turn into mental illness, then maybe that’s a way of punishing you, so that something within you is shown, to demonstrate what another may feel intimidated by, something off about you, carrying a reaction, thought to be made public, or for further discovery of anything historical or genetic, deemed so defective that you being upset scares another, or poses a risk to anothers safety needs, fortunately I have never been placed in a situation that has called for me to be aggressive toward anyone to assert myself, or be made small on the inside or scared or lose face, God will always be testing you, its how you manage whatever feeling gets thrown your way, that shows how strong you are as a person, that’s not letting evil win, and in exchange for you staying well throughout a difficult, another is not made to sense you, feel scared by you, or threatened as though you have done anything wrong presently, to solicit for correction by another, trying to invoke a characteristic in you, that is intended to break you, that’s a fight, it doesn’t feel good, it hurts, and you can either engage in any conversation that will not let the subject rest, and that’s how something that was not a fight becomes a fight, whether dealt with in court, or specific to any stories, reported, that means nothing about anyone as a whole or group of people. The answer lies in you correcting any deficit that has led any number of people to so treat you, to either keep you separate for their own protection not be affected by, or to protect others, not allow for what has bothers a few people about you, to be in plain view of others, whether that’s online or in real life, I wouldn’t know what a fight looks like until I have suffered and recovered, and then made to talk about life, and whats remembered, was not mentioned then, that’s a good sign, you are supposed to accept when you are not liked, and do your best not to bother others, that’s a ticket to intimidation, to read into why, or talk about yourself to further build acceptances for who you are or what you look like behave look or feel, say that its obvious looking at you, that you are thinking something they feel is defiant, or doesn’t demonstrate care, maybe too much focus on yourself is insulting, you will never know the gift of making others feel good, until people don’t feel good by you, to learn the importance of disappointment, like anyone insecure or knowing you online, have read your work, you should always be enthusiastic to meet others and hear what they have to say whether or not they are interested in a we believe in you excited for you kind of way, I think that’s just being young, when we actually lived life, all connected, and always had friends, at what point does your disposition become a problem, by the time you have to start trying in life hopefully its not too late, you will make friends, you will meet lovers, nothing that anyone is doing is about you, not even when they are upset with you, shouting at you, maybe later in life you will comprehend their upset, you don’t know what people know or have heard about you, so that’s maybe something you cant change about people, how the respond in upset or anger, if your not the motivating cause of interest, someone who keeps to themselves, it’s a tough uphill climb to be designated the problem, and stay well until you are made to describe everything you notice, or anything you remember, at what point is that supposed to hurt or matter, if you get sick, then that’s when it will start to matter, making sure and double checking, if everyone is okay around you, to you, in talking to you, or think carefully, of course if theres an issue with you being understanding doesn’t also mean speaking for who is upset with you and expecting for their position to be protected but your best interests not be protected, not everyone is strong enough for being harassed, attacked, intimidated, interrogated, retaliated on, that’s not what energy is for or strength, to a keep a person from being able to feel free, or at ease, that doesn’t make a person guilty, or appear wrong or guilty so that they get punished, maybe that’s a strategy for achieving a physical appearance you designate to someone being beneathe you, its so important to not get in trouble, that’s when no one knows you or helps you, and that’s not a safe position to be in in life, where you get treated like youre not apart of, or everyone has communicated expect you, some are open to communications and being shut off from communications, however that’s supposed to make you feel, no one can take your power away and smarts, your health is never about how you feel, not until you talk about others, and that’s how you get viewed as reflecting on life, in a disposition to condemn, with expectation for more confidence, Im not sure what the test is for, it’s a reaction to a person, or a description of a person, that is tested for, to see whether you are someone who looks out for people, gets jealous by, inspires, makes comfortable, are welcoming to, or relied upon, and how you treat anyone who is more comfortable with others than you, if its something you mentioned in a book, then that is how you got hurt and got hurt again, like you are supposed to take anything personally by anyone who is just trying to figure out how you get hurt, deserved or not. 

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