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Plans for Improvement …

What I’ve done well so far …

1. Introduced self, with a proper heading describing who I am, my purpose for being online and what I plan to share on my blog.

2. Categorized as a self-help blogger demonstrated by content shared and book subject written.

3. Graduated from law school finished schooling and working toward getting jobs.

4. Writing quotes sharing daily reflections based on where I’m at in life what I’m thinking about choosing to focus on that’s helping me think.

What I need to work on …

1. Limit personal issues to therapy work on managing symptoms voices.

2. Get more familiar with vlogging learn how to speak and make videos that educate.

3. Continue my education stay focused on long term goals what I want to learn more about to become a better writer and stick to it.

Extra Things I do to Stay Centered …

1. Keep an ongoing journal of my progress what I’m learning studying websites I visit and what tasks I’ve accomplished website building in spiral notebooks a daily log of what I’m working on.

2. Call Attorney or Courts to discuss the personal dilemmas I face as an author or public speaker who I represent, how I’m affected, if there are things inhibiting my ability to perform discuss.

3. Correspond through email or messenger with other public figures who are doing their part to work and share in the community share what I’m working on and what I’m about if interested.

4. Visit Court or file police reports in the event that I’m faced with a problem that someone has with me deal with it accordingly and not engage with others trying to fight me, change me, insult me, psychoanalyze me, criticize me, provoke me, injure me, or interfere with my progress as a person staying well and going back to work.

What does being a blogger mean to me?

Being a blogger means that you have something to share that will benefit others. I understand that when I’m going through a tough time that that’s hard to understand and comprehend and I’m sorry for that difficulty in accepting me whether I’m at my worst or my best not understand where I’m coming from, even if the odds are not against me. I think you can be challenged in life by what others think and I think when you are being embarrassed or humiliated that’s to prevent you from speaking well and feel able and comfortable speaking in public. I don’t think it’s understood when I need to take a break that’s for improvement or because of a diagnosed condition which means I need rest and blogging will not make my condition better such as (voices, self-harm), flu (throwing up, congestion, coughing). Sometimes we won’t feel well and I don’t think that me not feeling well is permission for criticism it’s nothing on my blog that is making me not feel well it’s who I am in real life that frustrates people or makes people not like me, such as not having a job or boyfriend and that’s what makes people difficult to talk to and interact with when they have less and are not doing well in life. So please understand that although my blog is doing well that doesn’t mean that I’m doing well in real life or that things are working out for me. Life can still be difficult even if things are going well for you by photo or blog post more will always be expected of you.

Regarding recent events, in the past I’ve been more vocal about my concerns, it’s not that I don’t respond or don’t react to the hardships of others it’s that I do care and do reach out to people and do share comments instead now it’s direct by text to FBI or by messenger share a comment to a specific individual who I support it’s not I don’t share online viewing that unnecessary it means that when there has been a shooting that involves or affects celebrities or in the event that there has been death in connection to an identity that is not readily connected to me by text that doesn’t mean that I’m unaffected or not doing my best to represent who has been affected by death or gun violence and that’s a lot of pressure on me when I’m being convinced that I have schizophrenia then not privileging me to hold discussions online or to communicate the best interests of those who have been affected such as Justin Bieber and The Kardashians that’s something that the audience will not understand seeing me as Sydney Simpsons best friend having gone to law school who supports Brady not be accepting of me should my content not directly reflect recent shootings, which makes them less compassionate in the event that I’m not doing well see that as not helpful or not contributing to the common good of a group of people who we have all benefit from association to then be made to seem like someone who is unaffected or not affecting the luck of peoples decision making not be affected by how I am bullied or what is felt about me. I think that when things are well there is a wellness that is shared by people feeling good about one another when someone expresses illness towards that’s them not feeling good about me it could be them not understanding my limitations generally conservative unless it’s blogging and sharing everything should not be mistaken as a bad decision maker or someone who is impulsive or sexual or immune or oblivious to what’s occurring outside of me unaffected. I responded during the riots I blogged, I shared in regards to the riots what stories from my life are relevant, I blogged on Twitter sharing daily insight when most were quiet, I made videos sharing insights based on how I feel what I think and care about to help benefit others, and I blogged everyday sharing what I think all of which is to help people move forward and that’s how you get people to read your blog it’s not by having problems or struggling or self harming that’s not what attracts people to my blog or a struggle that is understood as reasonably affected by issues that’s could be affecting me personally such as addictions or death like everyone has to get through losses not contribute to those losses in life including not be viewed as someone who gives up or is unmotivated or not doing well in life. I think I was doing well, got a job, and took a break from blogging that’s to perform professionally which requires me not to have heavy emotions or thoughts affecting my ability to work and to not have problems in life so that I can focus and help others if through blogging is not respected as s form of work in which I am disciplined enough to say the right things and make choices in life that influence others for the better to make instinctive choices for themselves and others so that they end up on the right side of life feel good and are also made to feel unaffected by any negative energies or unhappiness faced by people who in the best things are not working out for them have more questions than answers to problems and demand and expect more solution for understanding than they are able to put together on their own when judging people as being the problem or not. Why it’s important for me to have a team of caretakers who believe in me and who trust me not going by outside assumptions negative believe disgust or temperament of people who are unhappy who then try to blame me as not being a source of intelligence or confidence who can help mediate feelings or emotions in regards to when things become unfair or unstable how to make things go right again for all sides.

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