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If it hasn’t hit you yet, once it does we are all here for you, that’s trauma. It stops you in you tracks, causes you to freeze, and lose your positive momentum. Life may get difficult emotionally, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Tune in to things that matter to you, and don’t be afraid to get hurt in doing so. That’s part of life, oblivious, small minded in our own worlds, until we mature become apart of something greater than ourselves, eventually you begin to care for worldly issues, and want to be of service to others. That’s healing … once you get through it, actually want to be there for others, and no matter where it hurts, see that as part of the job to care, and feel better caring than not paying attention at all. Don’t avoid your feelings in life, follow your instincts and always be there for others, it’s never too late to care, or try to fix a feeling or situation that seems unsteady. When things are going wrong we need all hands on deck, that’s the circle of care, those affected, those unaffected, those present, those new to an issue, those who specialize in caring, medical professionals, bystanders, news, advocates, volunteers, loved ones you name it, there is always a system for caring for one another and that’s how things get better not worse.

The people you care about most will always be apart of your life, whether or not they’re in your life, at a distance, currently involved in your life, ignoring you, believing in you, not trusting of you, moved on, no matter what the basis is for them having been apart of your life, accept those in your life, and do your part to be a positive and stable connection in life. I guess that was the point of getting a paid job, to be more independent, reliable, add more structure to my days, live an important life, not be questioned as coming from some place gone, lost, or troubled, which is disability and recovery going in circles about life and what’s wrong with you, eventually you have to see yourself as well and work through disability. The first day of work I froze and got voices had difficulty functioning. By the third day was getting multiple assignments done. By the 5th day Thursday I had a terrible headache and was throwing up on my way home out my car door on Wilshire projectile vomiting. Just make it happen, wellness, that’s all you have to do, accept the good and bad and accept your past, and do your best to stay well, keep your chin up, and function again as a normal member if society. Blogging isn’t an easy profession. You have to be paying attention to a lot, get a lot of permissions, report frequently, manage data, get your computer fixed frequently cleaned, and stay motivated. When you are motivated to help others that’s where the ideas and energy come from that’s mostly the brains behind those up when others are down or those down able to rely upon those who are up meaning able to move. That’s crisis, there will always be someone with an outside perspective, a voice of reason to what’s going wrong, and never lose faith in that potential for sense to be talked into you or others. That’s the circle of care.

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