Into Harms Way …

I don’t think there is ever a time when you are completely at peace when you are not made to feel happy with yourself, there will always be that something about you then that another is not sure of, and that’s the way luck goes. So do your best in spite of what others think. Most people represent themselves in the positive, its through admissions of when you have ever not been yourself, that that fact about you gets played with, and that’s okay for others to have their reservations about you you cannot make everyone happy even those who know you. What are social circles about, its about being appreciative of where you come from in life, its not a destination upon doing well in life, attracting positive attentions, there is always the chance for messing up in life, and for the reverse of a good life to happen to you, or fall onto your plate. There is no avoiding mental health issues, that last thing you need, is to be grouped, or made to sound like a communication about from within or on the outside, to confirm anything as affecting you, that’s not how to ingroup to wellness, all signals, fairytales, storylines and bylines aside. What is prevention, its at the core not allowing for others to become affected by issues, that’s not a ponzi scheme, a promise for wellness, without bearing the traits of someone who is well, and sickness is not an admission to having done anyone wrong, everyone stands where they are in life, and not through story sharing is any confirmation made, what privacy is for, not to let people into your lives, or to know more about you than is necessary to be liked by everyone, that’s also not a free pass to staying out of trouble either, like all stress, once everything escalates, its then about what are you doing to keep yourself safe and does what you have to say make things better or worse for anyone who was not worried for your health, or thinks that anything you are saying or doing is with the intent to be directed toward them for any unwanted attentions in life. Everything you do communicates a message, Ive never backed down in life from any challenge, I also do not subject myself to fighting and lose every fight, that’s just me, with a winning hand, but cannot control people, and even worse controlled by others, and that’s how they get their happiness, and their two cents recognized, if its not coming from you, it will not be coming from anyone else, and that’s how to trust your own Country first, and others secondly. So where is the stigma coming from, it will be in how you carry yourself, what you think is about you, how you respond to your own instability then while under the lens of comparison by issuing your timeline, wonder if whats happening now was happening then, and to blame your instability upon an unwanted connection past or focus. You don’t get very far in life focusing on the wrong things in life.

Here are some tips to help cope with recent news:

  • Support who you care about, continue communication to.
  • Let the past go, they did not know then what is known now.
  • Don’t describe people, places or things, and assume that things are about.
  • Practice taking good care of yourself, before trying to take care of another.
  • Understand the risk inherent to dating, and don’t make choices to go back on.
  • Respect the pride and dignity of those who are well, expect nothing from them.
  • If there is a change (taking down a website) explain why that change occurred: payment.
  • When an idea comes to mind, is that in defense of you or another.
  • At what point in time is everyone being on board beneficial, when is it too much.
  • What are you available defense to mental health issues, when worsened.
  • When were you hospitalized: 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2019.
  • What were you hospitalized for (could not function focus work tired).
  • There need not be a person to be identified, to understand an influence.
  • There is no such thing as outrecruting, as a mechanism for defense.
  • Worked for the government (2008 (“downtown law firm”), 2012), now: dating a soldier, to be safe, he picked me.
  • There is a point in time, when your problems have become too much, for AA.
  • Medications are a cause for a slow down and a loss of energy, too much sleeping.
  • If you are well, don’t allow yourself to be affected by anyones issues in life.
  • What you make apart of your life, becomes your thought process, don’t be a traitor.
  • Always report to the courts in the event that you are made sick and don’t know why.
  • Understand when to have fun, and when being funny is a turn off, obnoxious.
  • Recognize the causes for gay, and don’t allow for your issues to be of issue.
  • Be accepting of others, and don’t allow for your life to be made worse, because of your sexuality, your weight, what you look like, or what you have to say in life.
  • When someone is wrong they may not feel good.
  • If someone has a mental health issue they may not feel good.
  • If fitness is therapeutic, then that was the solution, not a sandwhich song joke.
  • If fitness and running is something practiced my whole life, its not an admission.
  • If someone attends a meeting, that’s not an admission from them about me.
  • When the issue is rape, it will affect all people, who have ever been affected by it.
  • If they do not see you as a victim, that means they only see you as a reject.
  • All weird experiences make people judge you as weird, don’t let that make you stupid.
  • People will treat you like youre trash, whether graduating or not, don’t let them.
  • What is smart or insightful will be coming from you, not from anyone else.
  • Intelligence is earned through work ethic, not through reading, get smarter.
  • People who think they are smart, who others don’t recognize as smart, suffer.
  • When you lose your positivity, others will think that youre used up, or wrong.
  • The point of being a woman, is to be comforting to others, not demanding.
  • When you lose your cool, that is what makes you unattractive.
  • Being there for others, requires that you feel good in order to help others.
  • If you cannot stay well, that will make it difficult upon thinking to be strong.

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