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There are simple and obvious rules to dating, besides always being a catch, it means taking good care of yourself, being emotionally stable, having good conversational skills, being confident, having something going for you in life, valuing the time and attention of another, not being too needy, and getting tested. They may not stay, there may not be a commitment at the get go, and most things are for company and good fun, if you are able. I think past the point of disability, you reconsider your options in life, what you have the emotional stability for, and if you wait too long, all reunification proceedings become difficult, that’s being loving again. There are many ways to show love and care, that doesn’t always involve sex, and while you may not have that intimate companionship that you were hoping for, eventually it comes if you find the right person to do nothing with, which to me is an ideal relationship, idle time together to talk, to share interests to do activities, all of that is worth waiting for. So it doesn’t matter how many times you are selected, when youre done youre done, and that’s totally okay to not be down anymore for casual relationships, not all are resilient enough to handle the wait time, its are you getting better, if not, then you will not find better, and that’s a simple equation for understanding the value of peoples time, be able to match that with gratitude, not attitude. So why the wait? I don’t think it makes you a more viable candidate for companionship in life, if youre too uptight, too picky, or too selective, most good loving relationships happen on a whim when the timing is right, and both are in the mood, if you problems pile up that can be an issue, willing to set aside what it is you are doing with your life, and work on getting to know someone new, its never too late to get back out there, you don’t have to wait until ourtime.com. I think having a career is important, it gives you a sense of stability in life, something to talk about, work that youre proud of, and this is how blogging has helped me, Im getting job interviews, Im being solicited for jobs asked to apply, Im getting paid positions, does it mean Im ready for all that, Im still working on myself. Bipolar is one of those things you can either convince yourself your disabled and lay low, and do nothing social fixated on the fact that you are having difficulties in specific departments of thought in life, and its not something you talk about, I think blogging used to be that way, a hobby but not something you worry too much about, its something that should come naturally to you, just like liking a person, or paying attention to someone you admire, its hard to be consumed for too long about anything that hurts, so don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t worry about the time that has passed, its never too late to get to know someone, research them if their a public figure, and this is when they say “its not all about you.” What is down time? It’s a good time to pick up the bits and pieces from your life, and take the time to heal, recover, get stronger, and finally move forward in life, not stay stuck perplexed on anything that wasn’t working out for you in life its not always your fault, but how you respond to stress is, why when someone is done, just move on, you should not get all wrapped up on whether that’s a fair decision, if you’ve done nothing wrong, or if you were complained about, there are other fish in the sea, other jobs, not all failed relationships are the end all be all, and if you get stuck not feeling good about yourself, by any commentary stated for the purpose for making you feel bad about yourself, don’t live up to any negative interpretations of how you have lived your life, its your body your choice, your mind, your growth, your personality, your adventure, your progress, not give anyone the entitled permission to let you hear them and let you have it in life, I mean if someone is being that way toward you, why go back, you can forgive, but no matter how hard you try to improve so that things are capable of working out, when all is said and done, its if you let your life fall apart, then the past will not work out for you, and that’s why either be loving, understanding, or be hurt, that’s your choice what you allow for what others have to say to you to be true, a good man will not waste the time and energy to criticize you or make fun of you, a good man will always be sweet to you, no matter how you show up broken, sad, in repair, frustrated, out of sorts, or put together, that’s a good man that has faith in you, they all get upset when love is lost, there will always be an expectation for you to stay the same, I don’t think that’s something you ever overcome, being loving toward someone, or made to feel not good enough, then put down should you decide to not make it your purpose in life, to live for them, to please them, or to make them feel good, and that’s when you start to think about yourself, that’s not selfishness, that’s if youre not feeling good and if things are not working out for you, that’s not allowing yourself to get comfortable in any state of affairs, in which you are not making progress in life, and that’s why some people choose to be alone, it just works better for them that way, its not immediate cohabitation, matrimony, love, collaboration, intimacy, if it doesn’t work it wont work, if there is a distance, it cannot be mended, unless you put the work and the heart into it, just like a blog, every detail counts, every conversation matters, every mood affects, ever sentence remembered, its those slow motion memorable experiences in life, that is a natural distance to something you stop identifying with, there may be other portals in life to live through, but it will always be at your expense to leave your peace behind with another, so understand that upset, that although they are moving along with careers and dating and your not, that doesn’t mean that you were left with the short end of the stick, it simply means be strong, and pray that one day you will resume dating and be able to create a sense of peace for yourself in life, that another can be so privileged to bask in. And that’s why peace and love go hand in hand, it’s a relaxed state of mind, where you are not antsy, stressed, or worried what anyone is thinking, its paying attention to someone else and making them feel loved and attended to, that’s taking care of people in life, with no expectation, with allowances, and letting them be free, not tied down emotionally by your feelings, your medications, your mental health, that’s being a good girlfriend, someone to go back to in life, it will always be by your stability that a man will be made to love you in life, why its so important to take good care of yourself, so that you have opportunities in life to be loved, to be social, and to be someone who they all can be proud of one day. #begood

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