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Today I Got my First COVID-Vaccine …

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Never get too comfortable, that’s the best way to show respect for others, where no leadership is required, where no attentions are needed, and that’s what makes a long line, seem like a short distance, that’s time moving by quickly, even if it seems like the wait is long, you’d be surprised, that the more positive you are in waiting, the sooner it happens, so that’s your heart and mind in the right place in life, its when time gets long, that you really need to think, what good will this do me moving forward to have a discussion about the past, if overcome, and how will I feel or others feel, based on what I am talking about, seem affected by. There is a certain point when no excuses can be made, and it may not be you that gets to decide that in life, when its time for others to give up on you, blame you, or claim bounty to something they think they know well, what someone looks like, who has done wrong, or has been found in the wrong, the basis for being ignored or being discounted, or made to feel inferior, or not well, and if you allow those feelings to sit, its not just you that suffers, it means that youre not trying to improve, and its always based on improvements that good things happen, that’s how to best be apart of, not by sharing your problems out loud, setbacks, moments when you were giving up, what you were like upon not understanding what the issues were, and finally coming to grips with your own mental health issues, and why you are put on anti-psychotics, may that be no ones fault, if you do not respond well to stress, blame, or pressure, it will always be by what you are not doing right in life, that you get made to appear like you need questioning, just don’t let anyone treat you like youre on your way out, or need help, once everyone has helped you, and expected you to get better and do well, not end up sick, by anything new to you in life, people not liking you, or thinking you are stupid, or have low morale, or don’t set a good example, I think that’s every womans worst fear, to be made to appear as something they are not, I don’t think anyone can make you feel better, once you get hurt, or are blamed for being hurt. I don’t think that blogging is asking for it, or being smart in a way that makes anyone feel stupid, or less approachable in life, its not a confession to share what you think, or to be a positive person, be caring, and that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with anyone, if anyone becomes a blogger, and that doesn’t mean that anyone writing is making up things in their head to post original content online that is superfluous, redundant, or not written carefully with concern for what others think, I think once you don’t feel well, that makes everything complicated, complex, and hard to be around, if you cant explain why you don’t feel well, then don’t let that be the story of anyone who thinks that you are not well because of anything you have ever done wrong to yourself or others, its your body, your career, and no dating cant change the fact that if you appear to not be put together be welcomed as a professional into the work force, that disappoints everyone. I wanted to love, I wanted to get well over a period of 8 years, and maybe have a future, get married, date again, develop a blog, write a book, graduate, Ive never ever said anything with the sign: “I give up,” or “Its all my fault,” “or Im mentally ill,” “or I don’t like myself,” and neither should it be the job of anyone to treat me like I scar anyone, if its not working out I leave, that’s not an experience that jades anyone, I don’t sleep around, Im not loving to just anyone, I always work hard, am disciplined, Im never setting goals to be someone bigger, or better, Im not competitive, so when does it hurt, if I don’t respond well to being pushed or insulted, and if I self-harm, that’s someone misreading the causes for improvement, thinking that’s what makes you stronger, rejection, or being ignored, I think at 35, if you don’t say everything right, you don’t have chances mental health wise, and physically to recuperate, from anyone being hard on you, and that’s the difference between a victim, or being loving (and viewed as an offender) touched by the wrong things in life, thinking the wrong things in life, or having the wrong purposes in life. And that’s how you get treated, as though you’ve been contaminated, or communicate out of discomfort to contaminate anyone who they think youre cross-talking to, such as family or friends. I think on an individual basis, others feel entitled to hurting you, before they even get to a point where they are asking for forgiveness, sometimes the damage has been done, and that’s not a bratty way of not feeling good because you’ve been hurt, that’s not having the energy to continue to talk to anyone, whos not happy, or bossy, or strong, then mean, that means Im tired, my life also doesn’t need to be made short, so that’s how old are you, is she talking to younger, is she talking to older, does she need feminine, does she need masculine, and that’s never getting to know anyone well enough for them to be themselves or allow you to be yourself, change you. 

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