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Once your international, that’s it, you either fit the bill or you don’t, and that’s being understood in life, or misunderstood, there will always be a feeling that is carried, on the basis of who you are, what you know, and what others come to know and think for themselves. That’s in view of you, deciding on whether or not you make sense in a good way, or in a way that only makes sense to you, for the purposes of saying something in a way, to not say something, or saying something in a way to communicate something that only a few people know, whether that’s for the basis, of them coming to terms with you, to see what youre made of, or when under pressure whether anything has changed due to being known in the positive, I don’t think with bipolar, anything changes energy wise or in a loving relationship, it’s a condition that cannot be changed, by job, friend, lover, or companionship, and that’s just something that others will have to learn to accept, the causes for a chemical imbalance and what that means, not to take it personally, when someone misunderstands you, to not be with it, or speaking in favor or for the best interests of everyone, either known or not known to be known through you, or because of you known. What is there to be known for, you have to speak in a way that doesn’t just make sense to you, but can also be translated, and made to make sense and be a series of recognizable terms that also makes sense in the language provided by another. What does that mean, that the basis for me feeling good, is also a set of recognizable terms that also makes someone else who may or may not feel good, or come to their senses in another language, which does not happen often, making sense everywhere, I think when any Country is forced to throw dust under the rug, there will be important things to talk about not talked about, and the basis for not bringing it up, will be to not make anyone feel bad or guilty, so that’s the reason why some people are determined to be lower, less than, or any other category of human being that they don’t think should be populated to all, as good or perfect, intelligent, or a proper representative coming from an important story in life, that maybe wasnt obvious to be told, until I started talking about my life, it became more important as I went on. So that’s a lesson, in treating yourself well in life, and not to allow the treatment of you, to cause you to second guess yourself, or others, if someone is not happy with you, not proud of you, or sees you doing other things with your life, its not that youre not able, or sometimes able, or not willing, it will be in your heart or hearts not something you can part with, what is going well for you in life, blogging, and how you have managed to be yourself again, writing. 

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