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There will always be times in life, where you will be made to adjust, and it won’t matter where you are in life, what you have, or where you’re headed, life tends to just come to a stop, and we have all been there, not sure of ourselves or what to do. This is what separates the weak from the strong, or if you are smart just get the Cerebral App and hire a therapist and get meds delivered to your door, but no some of us freak out and end up in hospitals and rehabs, and that’s okay. In the past, you would wind up becoming a recluse and everyone stops talking to you, you lose trust, and people are hesitant to talk to you. Today people cherish hearing everyone’s war stories, and how they came out of messes in life, and got strong again. 

There is value to your misery, so don’t discount yourself in life. If you seem like you’re going through a lot, and things can’t get worse, then it’s typical to get attention when you don’t need it and want to be alone in life, nothing gets solved alone, you’ll have to talk eventually, its only through discussion of our thoughts and by tracing our thoughts and outcomes in life that things become better, you become more reasonable with how you digest the elements of your life, and interactions for that matter. I think before social media it was hard to let go of things, but the more you can accept people the way they are and not read into things, the better. On social media we get to keep everything, and be present all at the same time, how awesome is that, focused on everything all at once, there’s no shame in the feeling overwhelmed game. It seems to be a practical challenge in reading and consuming that directly teaches us about how we can be affected and how we can be changed by what we hear and see, so that’s always cool to know and get to experience in life. 

Today, we are celebrating mental health awareness month, and this is a good time, to credit all those who keep a blind eye to those suffering and do their best to make positive progress on their end, and allow people to catch up in life, we are finally all getting along, without so many cold shoulders and being ignored. We can now be proud of people for being themselves, and just making it through what they have gone through no questions asked, and see more beauty in them, then we question where their head is at now, just value them here. 

We will all go through phases in life, some growing closer together, we call this “bonding,” whether its online on social media, or by sharing our thoughts on hashtags on Twitter. There are so many places to bond and get to know others in your community, never be afraid to show all your colors, that means, don’t be afraid to be who you are (within reason) and know your limits in life (such as when to get help). We all have different stopping points in life, with ourselves, with others, and that’s how our time and attentions gets limited in life. Life is challenging, especially in getting to know others, so if someone does not love your story, or appreciate you as you are, then you need not waste any time proving yourself.

Don’t let anyone give you a hard time in life, for being yourself. Be proud of yourself, it’s all about representation in life, if it’s not you representing yourself, then make sure it’s also not about others representing you, “don’t bring the house down” so to speak. This is when they say “it’s not all about you,” (the people who think you think you’re being made of or think that things are about you or making fun of you treating you as small). No that’s not the name of the game, but it makes it hard to get along with that side in life, above you on issues, or level with you, and hoping you won’t bring up those facts to life, some just feel comfortable slipping you information, or downplaying delusion. It’s not your job to achieve delusion trying to figure others out in life. If we can just accept that some people are famous, and some are unknown, then that would make the world that much less inappropriate having any secret famous people become known in a way that makes people not want to know them in life, or discomforted by their story or presence online, and in real life. 

For example, you know it’s my story, whether or not you want me to be known as having lived the life I lived and known the people I knew, I’m sorry if you wish I was fake, or did not live a real life with friends and jobs. Think I’m making up a story in order to be famous or become well known. Alexa is technical, if you put the work in your following grows and you get likes all it takes is distribution and writing everyday for a year. That’s the element of comfort that occurs when a writer can be relied upon and followed, this system was coined by the LA Times and newspapers in general, I get delivered to my house everyday since I was a child, and thought to myself well they write everyday, so should I. What brings people to my life, is that they can rely on what I have to say, as being thoughtful, thorough, and detailed, detailed enough that they can generalize what I’m trying to say, or figure out for themselves what I am trying to say and how that may or may not relate to them in their life, applicable, or out there. I am a credentialed writer, receiving an award in Law School for my writing, and in college, graduated with Honors, that means when I am required to write well, I am able to write well in a disciplined way, blogging is a different kind of writing, but I guess I’ve tried to adapt, and put more personality into it, than try teaching others about what I’ve read online. I suppose I will have to find a balance between citing, doing the research, and creating my own work product. 

People feel good by people they can relate to. I have never tried to change myself to make people relate to me, I was always popular in elementary school, high school, and college, so it’s only online that so many verifications are required for you to be considered important, or an important element to any story, or be treated as though you are valuable, not to be tormented, or diluted, so that you can stay the same, and speak truthfully and clearly. I think that’s the point of hurting sources to make them less essential or seem unimportant out there. 

When there is competition and jealously, well that’s positive version of being “threatened” by someone, someone who “has something that you don’t” is common to people we recommend as “sponsors” at least in AA, that was what I was told. So if you are not measuring up to the best version of yourself, and if you can’t be someone else in life, “don’t be discouraged.” Life is more about getting healthy, choosing a uniform, and fixing your face. That’s really all you need to be considered any kind of “leader in life” just be someone who is healthy, that’s the best you can do. So don’t worry what the requirements are, says the Fashion industry, now accepting plus size runway models, I thought we would never see the day, that was one comment (thought about / what would be cool to see) made, so when is that gonna happen if this is happening, and it happened! Standards have changed, that doesn’t mean that if the standards have changed that the expectations are lowered, I think that’s a fallacy in thought when people fear change, that standards would be lowered. Of course our standards should always be held high, how else would we improve if we thought less of ourselves and others, eventually everyone matters, whether you’re at the top or bottom in life. Eventually you will have to be you, and can’t be like anyone else, that’s life, be yourself. There is beauty in diversity, you don’t have to exclude yourself from discussions in life just because you are not like someone or have the same issue, maybe you can help in a different way, or on the same level can relate to varying degrees. There is value to speaking, to improve discussions, to improve how you think about life, and to allow others to get to know you. 

Tips for Functioning in Dysfunction (based on my life, what’s been working for me):

  1. Write down how you feel.
  2. Talk to a Licensed Therapist or Doctor to share how you feel.
  3. Get tested and diagnosed professionally, to get medication if needed.
  4. Be consistent, to make progress, try therapies, group therapies, treatment centers.
  5. Privacy is golden, your privacy matters, this is to protect yourself from abuses in life.
  6. Always speak to an Attorney for any people issues, don’t be combative in life.
  7. Take all threats seriously and seek support from law enforcement or FBI online forms.
  8. Rely less on people to be there for you and be able to stand on your own two feet.
  9. The more stable you are, the more likely you will be able to have people in your life.
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