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Dig Deep, You Can Do This! …

It’s not automatic for us to just switch gears when we focused on any set of feelings we are desperately trying to figure out. You can sit there and fixate all you want but the only person you are hurting when you don’t let go is yourself. On your own working through problems things can get worse if not better, and sometimes talking to others is what makes things better not keeping things to yourself. They call this rumination where you’ll play back something you’ve heard over and over again and feel worse and worse about yourself. Whenever you’re feeling agitated or irritated take a step back the next feeling is anger and we all know that once that’s expressed it’s you that looks odd out of place or out of line and not the other. There’s so much stigma these days that many feel like they can’t be themselves and when others can’t identify with them this leads people to go by popular facades instead and become experts at hiding their emotions or traumas, let alone problems. What happens when you get heated? You get so wrapped up in what you are thinking that you can become upset, overwhelmed, and lose your sense of peace. Who is that person you become? The one that tires easily, isolates, and becomes avoidant. We’ve all been there. The “leave me alone” phases in life. Don’t work yourself up into isolation in life, if it’s not for people nagging you getting you to move forward in life you would not be where you are today, whether that occurs in the form of love or proving people wrong, embrace that lonely journey back to wellness. What is wellness? It’s feeling good about yourself and doing things in life that make you feel good about yourself. Wellness is your health, it’s your energy, it’s your stamina, it’s your social skills, it’s how you talk, behave, and feel, it’s a lot of things. We all want to feel well and do well in life.

Whenever you’re not feeling like yourself here are a few affirmations and reminders:

(1) I am doing my best I won’t give up.

(2) I am willing to improve & face setback.

(3) People love me and care about me.

(4) I am worth a second chance in life.

(5) This is only temporary I’ll get through this.

(6) I love myself and I will be patient with me.

(7) Theres no rush, one day at a time.

(8) I need to push myself not pressure myself.

(9) Things will get better.

(10) I am grateful for the life I have.

Everyone’s in a different place in life, at different ages, different periods in life, and knows different information with different exposures in life. We don’t all need to see the same. The goal of this blog is to share what I’ve been through and how I get out of it and I don’t mean to worry anyone. But I recognize when I get worked up I don’t feel like myself and I don’t sound like myself and the causes for that can be from any number of pressures, people, or obstacles in life I’m faced with making that particular day or set of ideas and feelings difficult to explain and put into words, but I do my best. I hope that my thinking interests you and gets you to think for yourself and hear yourself better. That’s the benefit in talking to others and hearing from others it gets the engine going. In marketing they say that if someone can do it better than you that you’ve taught then that’s the goal of training others how to think or behave to get things going in their own lives to work out for them in their favor. It’s all a matter of being positive, staying true to yourself, and able to compartmentalize your thoughts and feelings and make sense of what your going through, where you’ve been, to get to where you want to be in life, and sometimes that can’t be done alone. So it’s helpful to see someone else go through it so you don’t feel bad about yourself. Stay well!

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