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Planning ahead gives you confidence and direction in life. [1] So what should we do when we lose inspiration? I was thinking about this today, how difficult it is for some to hear what they want or need to hear and how easily our feelings are hurt these days. This is how talking yourself through your own problems in life helps, like my Quotes blog on Instagram @mymollydoll_ it’s all the advice I need to hear and all the advice that helps on the event that I’m undergoing symptoms affecting my mood and ability to be myself in life. I’m sure I’ve shared from those states arguing with voices or defending myself in face of embarrassment. Those are hard feelings to speak through.

Surround yourself with a support network that believes in you and actually listens to you and reinforces who you are as a person not some diagnosis. This is why finding a good psychiatrist and therapist is so important, people who see the good in you, who have witnessed change, are proud of your achievements, and have trust in your ability to think through problems and talk about your feelings. Not someone who tells you how your life is and makes you believe less in yourself, that’s challenging and defeating to hear from others. Like you’re not going to make it back or train you to believe that your condition is permanent or hereditary, I don’t believe in that not for one second.

It’s so difficult when you have feelings that are not validated, or questioned, or told are untrue it makes living life difficult when everyone pretends like you have problems when it’s them taking personal your inability to think clearly around them, not everyone will make you feel at home and apart of, that’s for love that’s what #toddspitzer is for.

I can’t afford the medical bills to pay for psychiatry and with work in Beverly Hills and appointments in the day time it was too difficult for me to keep track of appointments, work, moving, my Dad passing away, getting adjusted to a new job and work week, and transition into a more independent lifestyle working and not staying home in bed all day. I’m tired of not being sure whether I’m well or not or feeling sick and staying home and not continuing on when I’m doing well that’s difficult when you’re doing well to be told by your psychiatrist to go to a mental health outpatient program, for what? Working? And so I drove to #toddspitzer’s everyday and sat outside until the voices stopped, until $1100 in medical and coaching bills were paid, and got to breathe alone and not bothered by anyone, and not stressed over those who helped me who then complain like I’m somewhere else mentally or spiritually I’m doing well. It’s unfortunate when people can’t be happy for you or nice to you after you have paid them for their services then turn on you and try to take back your wellness or make you feel like it’s not earned, it’s my life which you can either choose to help or take personal over money to not credit me for staying focused and the changes I made in life I never discredited you for.

Make a statement on your own over my condition and identity don’t make a statement to all through me by aggravating me! Don’t freeze me.



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