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Brought Down to Life …

Being down to earth means not thinking too highly of yourself, I think this is suggested so in the event someone tries to level you off and tell you how it is, you don’t hurt in the process. When your expectations are highest we are most likely to get hurt, expecting highly of ourselves and others, and when we feel shorted or disappointed experience pain, embarrassment, hurt pride. Having low self worth is only harmful to the extent you allow yourself to be subjected to harm. So don’t allow just anyone to have their way with you in life, keep your head up. When we feel most scared and alone in life, we can be brought into the toughest scandals and schemes, risking our pride and self worth to appease another at our own expense. This makes them feel better about themselves to see how stupid you are or become under the influence of their directions in life. Some treat people like animals without regard for their sense of identity their reputation or their feelings hurt them like they think they deserve to be hurt or trashed in public. Don’t let anyone bring you down in life or cause you repeated self-harm embarrassment or cause you suicide once exposed to the world how you appear in a loving relationship with another.

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