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Most of life is a cat and mouse game, of attentions anyways, so just be mindful, every moment counts, and feelings matter also. I think that’s the name of the game, who is being tended to, who is in need of attention, and what attention is about, its mostly people who think that they deserve attention, its not something that can be negotiated for in life, the attention of others, its something given to you, by demonstrating some know how of what other people feel with reservation for what they expect upon introduction to you and your life, some reassurance that you are doing well, will be fine, and not someone to worry about, that’s the control factor. I think its really easy to be victimized online, its in conversation that you forget all the reminders and everything to watch out for, which may be more important than a list of affirmations on your bathroom mirror, but who wants to live on edge in life defensive, that would make life really uptight and conservative to say the least. I think when things are not going right for you or others, the tendency is to be upset, let alone take that upset out on someone else, you expect to speak to your own worries in life, expect you to have the same worries, grievances, or paranoias about how things happen or why things happen or who is responsible for things happening in life, I think everyone is responsible for steering clear of empathizing with the wrong people, or be used without being paid to care for anyone who then complains or makes you appear to be the wrongdoer in life. If you have skills you should be paid for those skills with blogging its unpaid labor, which is of value to someone willing to pay for your ability to write, interpret, and represent someone other than yourself. So that’s why blogging appears not always workable from the perspective of all, and there will be people who will assume that there is something wrong with you they will try to bring out of you, that’s the price you pay for discussing your mental health issues or meds, Im not schizophrenic, Im not disorganized, Im not an angry person, I don’t have resentments, Im a careful decision maker, I don’t exclude people, I don’t ignore people, I don’t reject people, I don’t not pay attention to anyone, I don’t screen calls, I don’t reach out to people, I don’t talk about my problems with anyone, I don’t hit on people, I don’t go out of my way to bother anyone, Im not in need, I don’t need an attorney, I don’t need the police, I don’t need a detective, I don’t need a boyfriend, I don’t need friends, and I don’t need a blog, I think I could survive anywhere you put me in life that’s the type of person I am. With disability its about your powers become weaker, that’s so that you cannot be around people, so you get intimidated by others, so you feel threatened by others, so you get harassed and treated like there is something wrong with you, you will feel lost, you will not know what to say, and the list of abuses occurring when someone thinks your famous goes on and on thinking you have too much, or more than you actually have: respect. So that’s the risk with shopping, and buying makeup if you improve your look, they will think that you have more money than you do, or that you have not worked hard to have been given money in support of you. I have never had anything in life that I have not worked hard for, and like all people I am punished in the event that someone is made to not feel good by me, or thinks that I have done something wrong to them, Im not used up, Im intelligent, I don’t have any diseases, I had no mental health issues before law school no night meds for sleep, and I had no issues with wakefulness, or disorganization in law school got As, so that’s me not being able to manage a workload, dating for marriage and getting good grades then becoming an attorney, and there is no reason why anyone should shame me for not being an attorney, its not my fault that I underperformed, was tired, lost energy working part time and going to school part time, eventually you burn out. So what is this about, I think as you get older people become trigger happy, quick to be hurtful toward you to scare you to see what comes out of you what result, and you cant stop anyone who is threatening you or thinks that youre mentally ill they will do things to you to convince you that your mentally ill so that you lose confidence and don’t feel well and that’s being hurt online, something that excites them they have a lot of energy for, and you losing energy and stamina, then feeling physically sick for no reason and not know why. I have never spoken to anyone with an ongoing mental health issue, its not possible to be in a loving relationship if you have mental health issues, youre not strong enough for it, youre not competitive enough for it, you will not shine like the others, and you will not be as stable or witty as the others, and that’s being known and not knowing that you are known and then not feeling good and not knowing why you don’t feel good or for what reasons anyone is being strong toward you, or aggressive toward you, or thinks that they are better than you. Im not in any inner circles in life, I have no connections, and I have to get every job on my own by myself without help from anyone, based on my grades, mental health and stability that is energy. If you don’t have energy and are tired, that can be a disability that can prevent you from working fulltime and that’s the upset for me, I don’t think anyone minds that Im blogging for the moment until I figure out how to support myself, it’s a quick life for anyone who doesn’t have time for you can find better than you who can replace you or who thinks you have the wrong ideas in life that’s being treated like a reject someone who is in it for the wrong reasons, I think that’s something you later become insulted by, what people think you want in life, I don’t think I have ever treated anyone like they wanted me, and have been a destination that is diseased, or faminined, or mentally ill, or not who I present as online, I would never pass an issue to anyone that I have not experienced myself, I would never treat anyone like they are in need of me, or ignore them and act like Im better than them, and I would never blame anyone for not understanding me or having compassion for me, or accuse anyone of having done me wrong. I think people will go by what everyone thinks, so always be sure to speak highly of yourself so not everyone turns on you and pretends to be someone who does not like you, think you don’t know better, or thought that you could do better, and deserve to be injured or made not well so that you cant work, and so your start being rejected in life or embarrassed in public and that’s not what I went to law school for, to be picked with a fine tooth comb and taunted in life like I have some edgy defensive vibe needing to prove anyone wrong, I think people are free to think what they want and so long as Im not doing anything wrong I should have nothing to be scared about, intimidated about, and don’t owe more of me to anyone beyond what Im willing to share and have shared so far I think that was very thoughtful of me to share my life online, I don’t think that its something that is controversial I think everyone has setbacks in life, or challenges and the whole point is to illustrate that if you can fix your life yourself that inspires others to fix their life too and not give up for any reasons political, we all see funny sometimes its not just about any one person in life, you will not like everything, you may feel hurt sometimes, not with it, and sometimes you will feel like others have left you behind so always be someone who is tolerant of the limitations of someone, who maybe is not important to you, but is important to people who you don’t know, or don’t respect, who believe in the potential of people who are honest, not bad people. 

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