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When things are not going well that’s a good time to do what is right, even if you don’t know what to do, don’t know what to say, start somewhere. All difficult periods in time, require some thoughts, about how to process an event, review what has been going well, and figure out where any weaknesses lie, in terms of creating more stability not create instability. What does it mean to speak to someone of importance, if you talk to anyone of importance its 80% keeping them safe and free from harm and 20% about you, what you need help with, that’s the flow of the conversation, saying things that will help someone, which will require you to have 80% of your life figured out on your own so that you can invest 20% of your daily effort, working toward helping to improve the condition of another, without needing help from anyone to improve upon your own feelings of safety in life. That’s the best way to help, when you are available to help others, if I was someone who needed help I would not be where I am today a top blogger online, and have graduated from Law School. I don’t think on the outside looking in, that it appears to be a more sophisticated relationship than any relationship really is, that’s the malfeasance assumed, to think is the cause for speaking to a government official, thinking that one thinks they are important enough to necessitate a conversation about life, or about incidences, whether or not one has been directly affected by crimes in general or protests. I think we are all doing our own thing on this planet, and most things that go wrong are not determined by one deal, or one interaction, or because of one person, or one statement, or one idea, when people are feeding off one another, that’s call a creative flow of information and communications to help establish a work flow that suits the best interests of all, that is the need to produce and to continue, when breaks can be tolerated, and meet the expectations of the people, who are in expectation of everyone who seems to be in leadership to know the causes for conspiracy, set ups, defamation, public prosecutions, and bullying. If you have ever been in the right frame of mind none of that matters, what does matter is your health, that in turn is the stability upon continued discussion with another, that either supports or interferes with the stability and thinking of those who are in power, in charge of making decisions and casting opinions to cases, to represent the issues, that by law concern the public, in knowing or believing, or coming to terms with a better understanding of why decisions have been made, and what type of life flow results when good decisions are made, it’s the same as communicating, establishing rapport, getting to know people, and establishing trust, for some reason it seems that you should not need to think about someone compulsively in order to know someone well, that’s not the way to go about things, and the constant checking, would just be you looking out for someone, as observed, so don’t allow your insecurities in life, or mental health issues, affect anyone else outlook that includes people above you, and people who are not you in life blogging, just reading along. It will feel like people are demanding of your time or attention in life, that’s being admired, being wanted, and when you are wanted by others, that’s because they want more from you, we are not all filled with premade insights, understandings, or knowledge, or comprehension, just like thinking about life you need to be focused on the right things to have a new thought to resolve what present thoughts are bothering you, how reading helps to free your mind from what you cannot figure out, whats bothering you, or what you question about life. We all have questions in life, there is no beating around the bush when it comes to representing yourself or others, there is a place in time when you have a private life and everything is quiet, that’s the life I left to start blogging, I was getting good grades As, I was getting jobs, and I was working my way toward being a successful paralegal, that’s fitting the mold within one means of expectation. Online as a blogger there are other expectations fitting within the means of what your capable of managing, everything you have worked hard for in life confidence to get a job and get paid, so sharing everything that was working for you in the form of quotes, is me sharing everything that created a version of myself that was confident, ready to work, able, wanting to get married, wanting to be social again, attend AA meetings, and move forward in life. It will not matter whether no one knows you or everyone knows you, as soon as a famous case is attached to you, that automatically has people looking at you through a more critical lens, looking for secrets, or troubles, or medical conditions, or mistakes, that is what is read for if they know that you know someone famous, you are read by a person who is withdrawn if they see you as someone connected to someone famous not just a writer blogger law student, and that’s the energy that causes one to freeze, or to not feel comfortable sharing in an intimate way such as story sharing, which explains why I took my autobiography down, book drafts down, and have not published a book yet, all phases in life will illuminate a different set of interests safety wise, and the less safe that things becomes the more conservative you become, and that’s not restricting the public from knowing you inside and out, in a positive way, and that withdrawal does not mean that someone bad is watching or reading it simply means that one is being read for the purposes of proving mental illness, to adjust criticisms of them to cast blame on a bigger and bigger scale, and that’s not how to minimize the risk imposed to whoever is attached, to magnify the criticisms of small issues, to cause anyone who does speak in public to speak naturally, and confidently, not made to feel scared, so that’s one of the biggest problems of talking to the public, there will be some tones you arrive to that make you sound stupid, uncomfortable, obnoxious, fearful, or dejected, maybe even insecure, but none of that means guilt, and more privacy does not mean guilt, and lack of friendships does not mean guilt, and calling the police does not mean prosecution, and seeing a psychiatrist does not mean mentally ill, and going to the hospital does not mean self-harm or risk of harm to self, and feeling sick does not mean suicidal, and headaches does not mean stupid, and weight loss or gain does not mean addict. These are all reasons when looking at the outside of things, to say that someone who is speaking is doing for for themselves, and its when you call mental illness selfish, that you assume that suicide attempts are a result of selfish choices or understandings in life, to me its much more than that when someone decides to end their life, its when they have no one to talk to, your not on anyones radar, no one can tell that youre not doing well, everyone assumes its medication or drugs or alcohol, people are too busy to talk to you, it’s a disconnect that starts before an actual disconnect from people, so its whats going on in your head that needs fixing which will ultimately be the solution for backing out of situations in which you make yourself vulnerable to being hurt in life, which is why blogging for me is a tremendous risk, people assume if you take adderrall you have energy or are awake, and that the downers “night meds,” means that you are short tempered or have emotional instability or unhappiness, sometimes its about: panic attacks, feeling hurt, not about boredom (creation of something bigger than yourself or creation of some inflated version of yourself not existing in your actual reality by seeing you in person matching, I match to who I am online, the same quiet and sense of peace is exuded by people around me, same as on my blogs by those who read my work, that’s just a trait, of people being okay with you and being at peace with you not bothered, so that’s a positive characteristic of me, that people feel comfortable being themselves, they don’t feel threatened by me, and they feel confident not intimidated by me, or fearful of anything I have to say or do, that’s being likeable, not a threat). So when does it occur that one enters a disorganized state, or becomes someone sounding like they are upset, it will hit you before you know what it is, that’s in my best opinion what occurs when something bad is being said about you, and no one is talking to you, you will feel sick, or weak, you might be irritable, you will not feel strong, you will feel drained, and you will not feel able, and stop making progress, that means that something is occurring outside of your immediate control, why if you are not feeling well you are told to focus on yourself, that’s not a time for lightening things up, entertaining, making videos, or taking pictures, that’s a good time to take it easy, and its when you take it easy in life, you avoid the risk inherent to making life appear to be more exciting than it is, and if its not a good time, to hype anything up, then that means you are allowing for that quiet space to occur for others so they feel protected, that’s avoiding you becoming shocked by things you think, and not expose others to things you think when you are put into shock, or made to not feel good, the best way to help others, is when you have your life under control, you are feeling good about yourself, and that’s what makes you helpful in speaking in a public way, that others can benefit by, not be affected by criticisms of you, demands by others, attacks on your good character, that’s all anyone wants who thinks that you are famous, to have something on you, so that you don’t get anything in life, not a job, don’t feel comfortable, afraid of people, shamed, or sick with headaches throwing up, that’s being mischaracterized, so some people it doesn’t matter if they are not bothering you presenting, but someone who wants something from you, wants to scare you so you feel obligated to pay attention to their threats, and its in a down position, that they seem like there is nothing wrong with them, upon reviewing an interaction between two people, and why you think that the problem lies in the victim or the person who is being attacked, who is made to appear not as strong, or affected in a mental health way, not being consistent, or not defending themselves, that only makes things worse, there is not excuse for someone trying to ruin your life, that’s on them, not all intimacies private mean marriage or friendship forever not past harm, so if you haven’t figured that out yet, then fight less if you want people to stay in your life that’s how to keep people around in your life, by not being upset about things or allowing someone to upset you, so that you appear upset in public. Why I blog, speak openly in public online, not in therapy, not in AA, and not on messenger, the best of me occurs speaking in public, that’s a place where I feel safe, I don’t feel enclosed, or uncomfortable, its in a recorded space, where anything that has gone wrong can be traced, or better understood upon a later review, and thats how I handle unwanted pressure in life, not something I call an Attorney to Doctor to help me with in life, you have to manage your day everyday, that’s not something a Doctor can help you with, your daily struggle to get going, to get a job, to work, to think, and to be a better version of yourself, all of that takes time, so don’t let anyone scare you into thinking that your options are limited or convince you that your something your not, that’s how you don’t move forward, don’t get jobs, and don’t start new relationships, it becomes that person who was in your life, that turns off everyone else, who cant believe that you let someone slut shame you embarrass you, defame you, ruin your life, cause you to feel suicidal, and self-harm, that’s how bad sharing intimacies online are like for me, why Im not comfortable being intimate by photo online, if that’s not my best suit, to express myself in a sexual way, that’s not how I get readers, by showing a side of me, that only my boyfriends have seen. Thats not how I feel safe. That’s not how I get love, and that not how I get respect, by showing my face or my body, that only matters to people who make a primary income on the basis of what they look like is what brings comfort to those who follow them, I don’t have to update everyone everyday on all my ups and downs, that doesn’t make me feel good, and that doesn’t help me move forward in life to focus on what I look like, I think running everyday was the best solution, for learning to feel good about myself and not need anyone in life, in order to have a good head on my shoulders, and make good decisions for myself, and that is why Im a successful blogger, because Im able to set goals, and because no matter what happens to me I am still liked, that’s being a good person. 

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