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Have not been feeling well under the weather, have had two COVID tests. The work I do online is very meaningful to me, its not for political purposes, of for sharing my side, or one side to anything. I think if you are well, you do well in life, if you get sick for any reason, not made to appear like you accurately represent your cares in life, or do anything counter to what is understood as a “peaceful” demonstration of interests, then that can make living challenging, in terms of anyone being okay with you, or be viewed as successful. So what Im going through right now, just need to attend therapy, cannot be solved dating a soldier, or working for the military Im not strong enough to go to basic training, and already voted for World Peace, so if anything Ive said has been misunderstood to not be about me, then that simply means that places I have been in life spiritually by timeline, may not have seemed like a big deal then. You will later come to understand, how everything looks maybe in your 30s, at 35, now I see what things look like, how unnecessary it is to share about the past, and how you can get hurt again. I think if Im made to feel scared, that doesn’t do anyone any good. And if I don’t have a phone, or have been in any interactions with anyone not made happy with me, that can be very painful. Just spoke to my Attorney today, and tried to apply for jobs, got one response. Its clear Im going through something very heavy right now, not myself, and don’t sound like myself. If more research can be done, then work on learning, instead of speaking, from what I know. If that’s not a good enough example, of what to say, then not run the risk of saying anything, in any permanent form for study, that doesn’t help me. Or makes life more stressful for me. 

You will have a lot of chances to stay well, just don’t wait until the last minute to change or put your life together, and don’t give up in life, because anyone is hurting you, save yourself from harm, trauma, and do your best to stay well, that’s what I think of prevention: staying well, its an easy job, to say the right things, to not talk about the past, and to be thankful for your life. 

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