Theres No Such Thing as Immunity …

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There is no such thing as immunity, and once your life is in the peoples hands, then it will be everyone remembered except for you, and that’s the price of responding, or for things not to work out for you, to make you feel like others, who feel like things did not work out because of you, there is a such thing as timing, and past the point of things not going right is not a condition that you can talk others through, and that’s the consequence of being treated as a subjector to poor insight, or a creator of bad happenings, that’s that you are not trusted, or not believed, and then that’s how mis-empowerment occurs, which is used to blame and subject you to being hated on or treated as traitor, and that’s so others are not affected or made to feel shocked or dismayed, and that’s the purpose for exposing me, to treat me as someone who has guilts or who communicates in the forms of guilts which is thought by any demonstration of being tough or if I keep going, then shut down, or punished, as though when I am okay and others are not okay, that that is my fault, and that’s to treat me as a holder of illness, or mental illness, disease or guilt, that subjects another to, that’s so that my peace is disturbed, so that I am affected in the negative or impacted in the negative and that’s to protect who pretends to think highly of me who is made to think poorly of me, by sexuality, or outcome, then a mental illness is received and that’s to better who is well, then to treat me as not strong or similar, and the court house represents, that those within are just as responsible for themselves and not the holder of responsibility for everyone outside of court who is not going by the insides of people, places or establishments, as cues for how to respond to individuals or to determine what things are about, so what is prevention? Sometimes prevention means an admission of things not being the fault of the establishment, as demonstrated by a mental illness, or a disorganization to an individual to justify reaction, and that’s to allow for like or similar circumstances be treated as so if it’s a fear the best way to demonstrate that is by a phone call a 911 phone call 2008, not by allowing yourself to be treated as mentally ill, or the creator or cause for argument or disagreement outside of your body, in the body of another upon witnessing you, not all will feel good by your presence, and once you go to court expect that people will not feel good by you, will not notice you, will have trouble talking to you, and in your jolly state of not knowing what things are about only later will come to recognize what all the leadership and prevention is about in terms of others coming to identify themselves among groups who they wish for you to not be treated or situated in a way where you will have a new life, that is why people come into your life, or then play interpreter on behalf of everyone past to your new life, so that your new life is not surprised by you or disappointed so that they understand that it’s a heavy load, and this is why some people are not social its not on the basis of how someone feels by others it will be a safety issue and that’s what the court does, it takes you a long time to warm up others are quicker, and you get treated as stupid, and that’s so that people can stay together, and so you find out later what things are about, and if there is a later reaction, or a later realization that’s someone who is doing something to you like the court to make you realize or to make you think maybe not like them, but to see how you respond in the correct way paying attention, happy for others or not paying attention, and that’s how you get judged not quick or another quicker and a punishment to follow, so that all reactions toward you are in favor of a previous interaction to remind you. What is leadership, its not not caring what others think, I think past the point of being able to talk to people and trying to talk to everyone, means that there is something wrong with you, that you think that other people can solve, so if you cant solve your own problems, you cannot expect someone outside of you to solve your problems for you including the court or people. – An arrest demonstrates that you are wrong, you will not know why. When you get in trouble nothing is explained to you, its that you are either not helping, or seem like you are mentally ill and that’s to illustrate that if you are mentally ill you cannot protect others so they will not protect you. 

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